Bay Area Chugging Along


Time for another raise of @sfdragonboy’s net worth.


Happy New Year, Fearless Leader!!! May you also find that new home this year!!!


Happy 2018 to you 8-boy. 2018’s gonna be wild. I am a little scared what’s in store ahead of us…


Come on, you are a veteran of the wars… take it on!!! I am game, bring it!!!


Big financial meltdown that wipes out 90% of your wealth? :wink:


We all are too smart to really screw up. Always observe the Numero Uno Rule: If something looks too good to be true, avoid. Ok, so everyone on the street including your barber starts spouting how much they like RE or gasp Bitcoins, ok, maybe hit the sidelines and wait a tad. We got rental income coming in like clockwork (hopefully), so sit tight. Line up that cashflow, equity line, Uncle Manch money and wait for an opportunity to present itself…


During a recession, I am expecting vacancy of up to 6 months.


Well, I can’t speak for Austin your go to spot, but here in the Bay I think we are fairly good. I have never, ever, had a long vacancy period in SF or Oakland…

So hard to rent out in SV

My buddies bought property in Austin in the 80s from the RTC for 10 cents on the dollar … You never know what can happen in Texas


I was speaking generally. Austin - no vacancy yet, so far tenants always renewed. Even without recession, it took me one month vacancy to get a tenant in SV. Some others take like months, refer to my previous thread,

I think I mess up the cross reference :hugs:



Price rents 10% below market and you will get 90% of the tenants available looking at it. 10 % over and only 10% will
look. Vacant for a month overpriced. Vacant for 6 months…20% or more overpriced… price your rentals low… If you get too many calls add in extra expenses for utilities…should get at least 10 calls…



The Sunset already has 2 of the highest overbids for 2018!!! I thought the Sunset was overrated…NOT!!!



SF is a HUGE city and only 413 homes sold in the last 30 days. That’s such a tiny percent of the total housing supply. Until there’s a lot more homes listed for sale, prices are going to go up, up, up.


Especially SFHs, which are not being built pretty much at all…


Love that the Kool-Aid is being served over in China…makes people want it even more (somehow…)