Case Study: Oakland SFH Transformation To Profit Or Loss?


Ok, bought for 900K and a lot of work done to be now listed at 1.38M. Is money going to be made on this one? This ain’t Fab 7x7 or SV. I don’t have a good feel of what the extensive remodel costs were and frankly not sure what to expect on this one. Thoughts?


One municipality uses these figures to calculate costs:

  • 100/sf for remodel of non-kitchen/bathroom spaces
  • 130/sf for remodel of kitchen/bathrooms

@100 per it is 230k
@130 per it is 300k

Looks like a pro did it, at least 300k.


Ok, so let’s see if this house goes over or under list. Not sure you want to be the highest priced home in the neighborhood when the neighborhood is still a ways from transitioning over…