Central Subway Project


Behind schedule and way over budget… Welcome to the world of government work. People wonder why we don’t have more infrastructure. It’s hard when you spend 3-6x the original budget on each project. The bay bridge was $6.4B vs. $1B planned. Imagine all the other projects that could have happened if it was on budget.


I don’t understand the holdup. I mean, there is only one station at the “end” which is Chinatown right? They dug out the tunnel awhile ago, so what else really needs another couple of years? God, remind me not to hire these guys for an apartment remodel…:laughing:


Come on!!!


We should just outsource the whole damn thing to China and let them built it in 10 days. These fools are just no good! Fired!


Then the public wonders why there aren’t more infrastructure projects.





Ok, @aalj, Chinatown is about to blow up!!!


Can’t wait!


Video gives you a tour of what’s down there…