Dow Down 666 Points



In other words, those in stocks now are the front runners😀


Stocks are for lazy investors. I am getting old and lazy. For you youngsters ,RE is the best way to control your financial destiny. Even if a tenant threatens a lawsuit. Besides tenants are usually too poor to carry through with a suit.


There are predatory lawyers, recall 3 families harassing the female landlord in SF for a couple of millions?


Afraid of lawsuits, move out of state . We are surrounded by lawyers. Even my own sister. My first lawsuit was when I was nine. My family was sued by a neighbor.
Just become rich enough to be able to hire lawyers like Trump does.


Peter Thiel said you don’t have any rights in America until have 10m in your pocket. Be rich enough to hire good lawyers.


Then only deal with people with less than 10m in their pockets. If you also have less than 10m then you’re on equal footing with them. If you have more then you have rights and they don’t, which is even better.


My tenants are poor. They are more worried about my attorney than I am of theirs.


As far as stocks they can drop fast. Real estate takes a whole lot longer time to decline.


大丈夫做事,说干就 干

Bow fears ghosts, stern fears pirates
In getting things done, say want to to do then do


So you are going to BTFD on black Monday?


Every Monday is a black Monday now?


Storm in a teacup


Yes. :scream:


View any movement in the grasslands as soldiers


The volatility creates both opportunities and dangers, depending on how you react. If you’re feeling nervous about the volatility, the headlines, politics or anything else, don’t alter your portfolio. Rather, disengage (including ignoring news and not looking at your portfolio) until you get back into a calmer mood. You’ll make more rational decisions by doing so.

危机 - Got 危险 (risk) means got 机会 (opportunity)

Think in Terms of Time Horizons—Money you don’t need for at least seven to 10 years should be allocated to stocks. You have more than enough time to ride out any volatility. On the other hand, money you need within the next few years should be allocated to cash. This cash bucket not only reduces the odds of having to sell stocks during a downturn, it can also give you peace of mind. Knowing your shorter-term needs are covered can give you the confidence to handle more volatility with your long-term investments.

Cash not bonds or Treasuries :slight_smile:

Buy the Dips—CFRA Research’s chief investment strategist Sam Stovall found buying stocks during each 7% decline threshold in the S&P 500 (7%, 14%, etc.) can be a profitable strategy. In fact, he thinks an investor who followed such a strategy in the past “would have looked like a terrific market timer.”

Didn’t know this rule. Guess my next buy should be when VOO = 208 :roll_eyes: May be 225 :wink:

Bought F10 twice, very bad, should be once because S&P is only 10% below ATH.

Downplay or Outright Ignore Forecasts—Lots of prognosticators are going to give advice about what to do. Relatively few will admit to lacking confidence in their predictions. Yet, a big part of the volatility is that market participants don’t know how trade policy will actually change and what new/revised tariffs will be implemented—much less their actual impact on the economy and earnings.

Ignore Jil? :crazy_face:

Ignore the Volatility—The constant focus on what the market did today has nothing to do with investors’ long-term goals. If you don’t need the money over the short term, then what happens over the short term shouldn’t matter as long as you end up where you need to be over the long term. Will there be adjustments to make along the way? Certainly, but they should be driven by your strategy and/or changes in your personal situation (age, lifecycle events, etc.) not whether Mr. Market is in a good or bad mood on a given day.


Your opportunity may come next Monday. :smiling_imp:


4% drop? Sure?


ATH for S&P is 2872.87
7% decline = 2671.77
14% decline = 2470.67
21% decline = 2269.57

Last Friday’s close = 2604.47
Lowest so far 2553.80 (11.1% decline from ATH)

20% decline = bear market = 2298.30
Long time more for disaster, manch.


Other than trade war news, is there fundamental reasons behind?jobs report was not very good


Guess you’ve read those news :slight_smile: about the real reason for the stock market weakness is the economy is about to go into a recession.