Dow Down 666 Points



No clue. The payment to someone and signing of a NDA isn’t illegal. Look at Tiger Woods. He had a ton of mistresses, paid money all the time, and had them sign NDA agreements. There wasn’t a FBI investigation.

I’m honestly far more concerned about all the text messages between completely biased FBI agents. McCabe is the tip of the iceberg. I don’t think FBI scandal would rock the market though.



Xi for World Leadership!!!

Up up and away!!!


I dont know if anyone would bother dirting trumps relationship with a pornstar. It is an old news. This smells more than that. Maybe a desparate attempt to find something? It is the fear that is rocking the market.


No, this is about you as a hypocrite person allowing a man bringing the allegedly victims of another president to a presidential debate, and those “crimes” were so old, from the 80s, meaning he was su pure, but now found paying a pornstar to keep her silent over a sexual affair while his wife was recuperating after giving birth to their only son.

It is about you as a person, rather than anybody trashing a trashy president.

That is, that’s the type of man you want for your daughter. Right?

And also speaks volume about women supporting this dirty incident. Wow!


I guess some people don’t know the difference between consensual sex and sexual abuse. It must be hard to understand like simple interest vs compound interest. Personally, I’d never let anyone who doesn’t know the difference near any women that I know.


China’s Xi Jinping pledges to cut auto tariffs amid US trade clash

Xi promised the cut in auto tariffs alongside a series of other measures to further open up China’s economy to the wider world during a speech at a development conference on the Chinese island of Hainan. But many of the steps Xi outlined in broad terms are ones that Beijing has previously proposed in some form.

The Chinese government had promised in November to “gradually and properly” reduce tariffs on imported vehicles, but it didn’t give a specific time frame for doing so.

So don’t be too happy yet.


Sorry for lonf amp link. Looks like bank frqud charges are being investigated. @marcus335


For me (IMO), with the way market is volatile, I am convinced market has inherent weakness than strength on fundamentals.

Most of the investors (and their sentiment) treating stocks like bitcoin.i.e., most of them wants to quickly make money with spike prices and run away.


To me, it is a bit weird. While i can see weakness, and with political instability with mueller and other stuff chasing trump, it can go sideways. But also, even with all this stuff market is resisting more drop.

It can go either way. It sucks.


That’s what I predicted. China will warm up some old proposals and dressed them up as “concessions” to the Americans. Trump team can take those as victories and back down.

The whole idea of Xi getting infinite term is partly based on the promise that Xi will take on some really difficult reforms. So far it has been lacking. The proposals he outlined in Hainan don’t sound too bold either. Opening up the finance sector was also old policy from last year.


“To pursue criminal charges against Cohen for breaking federal election law, prosecutors would have to prove that he made the payment to Daniels to influence the election, rather than for personal reasons — to protect Trump’s reputation, for example, or his marriage.”

That’s insane. They are violating attorney client privilege.


Often investors tend to force their opinions on the markets instead of listening to what the markets are telling them. This is an important concept right now because markets are highly volatile, and not listening to the message of the markets can be disastrous.

When markets are highly volatile, it is usually better to buy after the cleansing, with the exception of short-term trades


I hope a bit integrity and moral for everyone. Beyond that, it is insane and agreed.


Thanks to Emperor Xi and St Mark I am now in the green again! Up 1.6%!!

Until the next Trump attack… :scream:


Tons of margin for sure. Big magnification of beta of underlying.


That’s referred to as the man keeping you down.


Trump is busy with attacks on his personal (hopefully just personal) life.


Lets hope trump singles out stocks to attack, and then we can all buy calls on it. Win win.


Well how much amazon did you buy?


Was busy buying fb and sq. Didnt buy amazon.