Dow Down 666 Points



If you are happy with the graphic going up and down, you are not in investor, you are a gambler. :blush:


Do you have to be in such state of paranoia all the time?


Who doesn’t?

There’s a cry baby mumbling jumbling crap and sinking the stock market, making rich people lose $ billions, or preparing the world for the third world war.


Only the paranoid survives. :chicken:


I think the stock market is going to return to the same numbers when twhitler came into power.

-119 right now.


-122 final number…for a minute I saw -150.


Most of them dividend & Value stocks. Looks like investors are hiding behind value instead of Speculative Growth stocks !


Value is not the way to maximize your net worth, growth is.


Can you guys speak English? :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


It is equally well when you identify the right stocks.

If growth is supported by ROI or PM of Company, i.e. difference between FB and TSLA.

As I said already, price of any stock consists Company value+Growth Rate+Premium people pay.

The biggest challenge is on the last part, Premium people pay, which may be changing daily. At best bull market, people pay extra premium, but that changes into discount during the bear market.

The fluctuation, esp based on premium, will be less in value stocks.


No, not even close. You can never achieve 10x growth with value plays. Unless your time span is more than 20 years. Who has the stamina to hold on to a stock for more than 20 years (besides @hanera and me)?


Value Play is simple math.

Take example

MU, 39% PM, PEG 0.21
AAPL, 27% PM, PEG 1.29
FB, 39% PM, PEG 1.02
GOOG 15% PM, PEG 2.33

If the growth is exactly as given above, buying MU benefits us. The stock MU is low priced as people expect lower future growth. It may be right or wrong. If expectation is wrong,i.e.if future chip growth is good, the buyer of MU gets faster growth.

Like this if we account other parameters, people invest for higher return.

This is proven way than just believing SHOP will provide 10x , without analysis, is not correct.


Risk and reward. Guaranteed return is low return. Value is more guaranteed whereas growth is more of a gamble.


Trump to address nation on Syria

Black Monday here we come!! :scream:


Joking aside, striking Syria may be the only Trump policy I support. Redline should mean redline. Animals that gas children need to be killed. No excuse.


Then how come the Russians support this animal? Do they not have any moral?


No they don’t.


Which would you pay more for?

  1. A hen laying 2 eggs per day; or
  2. An unhatched egg under a hen which has been laying 20 eggs per day.


There was a strike in April 2017. Did it have a huge impact on stock?


I am most worried about Trump firing Rosenstein or even Mueller. I don’t think Trump is so crazy he’s bombing Syria on one hand and firing Mueller on the other right? RIGHT?? :scream: