Fremont <1.25M still very hot


Geez, yours has a huge lot size (9K sq ft!!) Again, people, please be mindful I am used to small SF lots (no spam please).


Another Fremont fixer<1M


@Roy321 How much would it sell for? 900 after rehab? I was keeping an eye on this one.

Its only 7 days on the market, so it does have to sit a little longer for them to take less than asking. If there is a price drop i am tempted to go for it,


See, that one seems like a better deal then what I saw. Better condition and better schools. Now, we don’t know what this finally goes for though…


Bullard street is a great price if it goes for less than 620-630k. At 700k its not for resale. Lets see


Agree, Warwick elementary is very popular among young and 1st time buyers.


Agreed, but there were hordes of people looking that day. I mean you need everything on that one. Windows, a new roof and then there were cracks along the home that suggested maybe foundation issues. Even the chimney or fireplace was boarded up so that needs looking at. Come on, right??? And since trustee sale, no information essentially. Nada. Decision day was like in two days. So, yeah, why don’t I give you 3/4 of a million dollars for it… No way in heck!!!


After fixing I expect it go @low900+ depending on the extent & quality of fix.


And that was my thought. Someone who wants to customize it from the ground up for themselves to live in it I can see them overbidding. Not the investor type. Does. Not. Pencil. Out.

But even if it goes say in the low 600s, you need to throw in at least 100k maybe so you mind as well buy a better conditioned one that has some disclosures right? This thing was a def crap shoot.


You can close out the long entrance and build a 300 sq ft extension right? At $500 a foot that’s an easy 150K.


You know, when I was there I was trying to figure out what is a decent way to rectify the design. I mean, when you look at @RealEstatebull 's example on Canterbury, that is essentially what mine looks like all done up so it doesn’t look bad at all. I am really anxious to know what the buyer paid for the opportunity to do a whole house remodel…


Ok, this just came live on my phone…779K for 3/2 in Fremont. Stevenson is a busier street though right? Too many 4s in the address too…:slight_smile:


2nd highest $/sq ft in that zip code. Question is why? Schools seem to be bad. Overpriced in my view.


Sure, currently the schools may be bad but the fact remains that families, young ones, can’t find squat in the city for under a mil with great schools. What to do? Perhaps kids are so young or no kids anyway and they just want to get it. The Fremont place I bought at a steal (under 500k) does not have great schools. The caucasian family with the techie husband said point blank they don’t care. They will make the schools great from that point on by actively engaging with the school, parents volunteerism, etc…

You don’t like this one? Corner house with big lot for expansion. Doesn’t seem too bad for high 700s…


Since you asked, yes its a busy street, its already a flip, so money is made, single car garage? Way overpriced for that neighborhood. I dont think it will sell for that price.

I saw this one and was not thinking it will for that,


@RealEstatebull, BIG lot though, no??? Expansion, yes???


Yes, big lot means more to some than others. The appraisers also dont put much value for a 6k lot vs 10k lot, Am I correct?


Well, buyers will care…esp people like me, coming from the city where you may not have an inch of grass. That lot would look like a football field!!! Potential for inlaw action esp when it is a corner home…


That is a nice one. It’s bigger but mine is kinda like that configuration. Things are flying off the shelf if under 800k looks like in Fremont!!!


Is your fremont 500k gold mine near by? I think I see some love here :slight_smile: