Fremont <1.25M still very hot


In South Sundale…It’s small but cute. Remodeled for me. All I had to do was interview a few candidates, order a refrigerator and voila has been rented ever since… I told the cloud computing husband that if he made me an offer that I can’t refuse one day I would sell it to him. He actually was about to ask me that. I would hate to give it up. It has an actual yard for Christ’s sake!!! And tons of driveway parking!!! God, love that!!!


Looks like you are cut out for suburban living. Why not move to Millbrae?


If I wanted to move to “Chinatown” I mind as well stay in SF… yes, I said it…:slight_smile:


Even if one disregards the schools, the $/sq ft is 2nd highest for that zip code(#1 /sq ft is on the market for 93 days & so is overpriced as well). Buyers need to investigate why that is the case.


How about this one for 640K? 3/2


Well, at the end of the day, if the place sells for that price (or more) then it is not overpriced. Let’s see what the market says. Sometimes, a place is so nice for whatever reason that conventional measuring sticks like cost/sq ft may not necessarily apply. Obviously, if this doesn’t sell until a haircut is required then I would say that you were def on point. Granted without looking at it in person I personally value corner lot homes more due to their sometimes larger lots or nicer features. That is not always the case of course if it is an intersection where a bus line or it is a busy street and a constant stream of cars go and stop there that maybe that impacts one from getting out of the driveway.


I’ll copy what I said in my last post below.

Meaning potential buyers need to visit, see other homes in the area & do their own due diligence.



Agreed, you pointed that out. I just personally do not value conventional measures that much when it comes to looking at real estate. To me, that only matters if you are literally talking about a tract home in a huge development where every house is so similar. Also, how does that take into account the future prospects of an area? It doesn’t. Just because an area has been selling at X/sq ft, what if it is an emerging neighborhood that the public is deciding that yes the homes there be should higher so shouldn’t the sq ft cost of homes selling then at that point be higher? That is why on the flip side, I don’t know how some folks here buy places online or without even visiting the place. I am old school, I just go there and let my first impression guide me as to whether I need to even go digging any further or need to break out my pencil. The way a home is configured to me is more important than mere sq ft. My Fremont rental home is small (about 1k sq ft) but I immediately liked the curb appeal and how it has a nice, square yard. Did I stop from buying it because of the probably higher cost/sq ft? No. I knew I would make money on it in the near future due to the popularity of the area and the economics of the local region.


Speaking of popularity & economics of this area, what are people’s opinions on what is good about Fremont today & in future(@5years) & Why & also relative to other areas?


Tesla is there of course and then you have other high tech companies nearby. The proximity to SV is a draw. At the end of the day, not everyone can afford to be in Palo Alto or Cupertino so they ultimately have to branch out some. Fremont boasts of some pretty high public school ratings which is also why people in general are considering moving there. There are relatively few affordable areas in the Bay Area as it is, hence, our focus on places like Fremont, Union City and Newark. Some folks are finding Oakland too expensive even now, so San Leandro and Hayward comes up. We are all just looking for that diamond in the rough…


IMO, Fremont’s main desirability is affordability & schools. I met with quite a few young family (with kids 2-4 yrs), they are all interested in moving to Fremont (currently living in Hayward, San Jose, Santa Clara) because of schools & safe city. Good mix of Asian groceries, Traders’ Joe, Wholefood (the only Wholefood in 880 corrider as far as I know).

On top of that, Fremont is versatile if you switch jobs. One of my friends said, Fremont is not near to anything, but it is not far from anything. Either your work is in SF, San Mateo, Mountain View, San Jose, your commute is doable (not great, but doable).

I think Fremont won some best place to raise family and most startup coming or something like that in past couple of years. I used to live in Fremont (and commute to City & later commute to MountainView) and still own a place there, so there might be my bias there, but just my opinion.


Good points & I agree with all your points. Exactly the reasons I bought there, specifically the following one.


I also think fremont is being underrated at the current economic cycle, which is in the peak as people are preferring to stay close to jobs like sunnyvale and santaclara where schools are not great. Once their families grow meaning having 2 school going kids, they would look to move to fremont schools (mission sanjoose, warmsprings, etc).

Some new homes in mission sanjose of fremont are comparable price wise to areas in sunnyvale/milpitas with school ratings of 5/10. Seriously? Mission sanjose would add only 15-20 mins commute to your milpitas home.


Is Union City the next Fremont?


Or Newark???


Fremont has quite a few areas which are in comparable prices to union city. Union city has BART going for it, but rest of fremont will appreciate more than union city in near term.


Fremont is a relatively large area though starting from just north of Milpitas to just south of Hayward. So, there are lots of variations within that geographical area.


I am seeing that lot of folks r buying in Milpitas with elementary schools as Curtner / John Sinnott. Only issue buying in Milpitas is Smell.


The San Jose Planning Commission voted 5-0 on Dec. 7 to allow a nearly 100-foot vertical expansion to San Jose’s Newby Island Landfill and formally deny City of Milpitas’ prior appeal to stop the dump’s growth along this city’s northwestern border.

Under the approval, Republic Services of Santa Clara County can now increase the capacity of its landfill by approximately 15.12 million cubic yards and extend its estimated closure date until January 2041. The landfill’s current closure date is 2025.

“The outcome of this project would result in an allowance of an increase in the maximum height of the landfill to 245 feet,” Syliva Do, San Jose Planning, Building & Code Enforcement division manager, told the commission prior to the project’s approval.


milpitas jr high and high are not that great and are bound to overflow. I heard that milpitas high is already over 2000 or 3000 students. Quite a few folks buying near the bart fall under robert randall until the new elementary opens up.