Fremont <1.5M still very hot


what zip code?


I will answer for @sfdragonboy. 94538 south sundale


Seems like a verry good deal ? I didn’t check out the house physically… so not sure if there were specific issues with the house but from photos look like good updates.


Yep. Double dipping. That’s the reason.


Double dipping could be a reason.

However, I also looked at the house photos closely.

This is what it seems whoever updated the house did:

  1. Extended the family room by 300-350 sqft till its back wall extended parallel to the master bedroom wall facing the back yard(adding patio door to both rooms)
  2. Hence had to drywall off the ourside window of the 2nd bedroom(as the extended family room covered it). Hence to keep calling it technically a bedroom, added a skylight. However, I am doubtful if it still can be called a bedroom.
  3. Showcased the formal living room as a bedroom right across the kitchen and by the front door.

All the above changed the flow of the house and looked weird(my guess since I did not visit the house personally) leading to less people bidding(People are picky, they don’t want to pay $1.3M for nothing in this area)

We saw a similar house when we were house hunting and it took 3 months to sell with a 10% price cut.


Didn’t care so much/ paid attention to floor plan…just noticed weird bedroom…but valid points…


Geez, look familiar @RealEstatebull???


Posted already?


Nope, you beat me to it!!! Arggghhhhh!!!


What??? Work harder!!! :rofl:


I was close - $1.28M. $212,000 above list price. Pending to Sold in 9 days!