Jason "The Machine" Chan


Happy new year? Are you guys on drugs? :laughing:

I am kidding you!

Happy new Chinese year! :crazy_face:



Oh hum, just another listing by The Machine…


Come on, Machine, that’s it??? 1.38m for a detached, wide lot Sunset home??? Refund your commission!!!


Lower level ceiling is too low to have any development potential. Cost of raising the house to increase height is probably not worth the increase in value.

Typical lot width is 25’ wide, right? The extra-wide lot is only 30’ wide. Not a whole lot of difference. With 5’ you can build a comfortable walkway on one side of the house and that’s it.


Still though, unique looking and fully detached should have garnered a tad more, no?


Seller overpaid in 2006. More than 10 years and less than 100% appreciation.


Well, market has spoken.


Of course, Pending, sfdragonboy!!! Because I am Jason Chan, God of Sunset Real Estate!!!