San Jose Is The Most Forgettable Major American City


Parking space is no problem for me in SF, I can park in my garage.


And if you never drive it anywhere in San Francisco you don’t have to worry about parking. Oh wait, then you don’t need a car.


I only park at home. I do all my chores outside of SF so I don’t need to park anywhere else :slight_smile:

Except the gym and Whole Foods but both places have a garage for me to park…


You don’t get it, do you? Parking is understood as when you go somewhere else, like a tourist, and try to “park” your car. :scream:
Gee! Sometimes I try to express myself better but this English of mine is horrible. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Um, even though the Golden Gate Bridge is a landmark of SF and visiting there could be a headache sometimes due to parking, I’ve only visited it about 3 times in the past 20 years, and once was very late at night where the parking lot was 99% empty.

So no, the parking situation does not cause an inconvenience for me living in SF.


At least Joey is helping your cause…

I guess the chinese food is so good in San Ho that Joey has to eat hot dogs…all SEVENTY TWO of them…


Def a start to get San Ho on the map. San Ho needs attractions or things/events that bring in the masses from all over.


Wow, first some city lights exhibit and now this… San Jose is on the rise!!!:slight_smile:


World class status ain’t coming soon @marcus335


Sounds like car break-ins are contagious around here…


Gosh sfdragonboy you sure hate San Jose. Not that I blame you, but I also don’t like SF. But I alike everything south of Milbrae to San Jose.


I just report the news, Ma’am…:laughing:

And technically, WHO started this thread??? Yes, the Grand Poobah himself…


Put your $30k car in the garage. Leave the garage junk in storage or put it on Craigslist. Why store $5000 worth of junk and let your $30k+ car be exposed to thieves?


Now, I know he is not SJdragonboy !


San Jose is fine, I just don’t care for the downtown area at all.