Speaking Of Lil Kiddies And Their Schools



Oh and of course offered at a lucky $28K!!!


Uh, did this student talk to that Google employee???


Opinion piece…


“racially insensitive language will not be tolerated.”

This is why education is going down the toilet. It’s not about exploring information, finding facts, and determining the truth. Anyone can derail a study by saying they find the conclusion offensive and insensitive. Now we can’t even discuss the data or facts, so everyone will be ignorant.

“Yes, we’ll respect freedom of speech. But we will also uphold our duty to limit speech that is likely to cause disruption to our students,” he said. “No student should ever be made to feel that their race has anything to do with their ability to succeed.”

Sorry, but you don’t respect freedom of speech. You’re prioritizing hurt feelings over freedom of speech. We aren’t talking about hate speech. We are talking about presenting data.

At our current trajectory, we’ll end up dumbing down our K-12 programs until all students can be A students. It’ll be a massive disservice to our country.


Wow. Majority Asian. Or at least you have to scroll down half the page to get to some pictures of non-Asian students…or smiling students…

“In 2016, ninth-graders at BISV who took a worldwide exam had higher test scores in math, reading, and science than the averages of 15-year-olds in China, Korea, and Singapore.”

Not a great measure. There’s got to be a better way to say they’re doing well, which I’m sure they are.

That tuition, btw, is amazing. IIRC the reason is that they don’t pay the teachers a lot, so the teachers cycle through quickly. But if you’re looking for a private that’s going to push the kids hard, that’s the best deal in town.


WTH is going on???


It’s Utah. What’d you expect?




Uh, didn’t you think someeeeone would find out???