Speaking Of Section 8


I also have a couple sec 8 tenants. The good thing about sec 8 is that its rent is very competitive with market pricing, so it’s the opposite of rent control.


I like section 8 and dislike rent control :rofl:

Every year Seattle should issue awards to section 8 landlords to appreciate their acceptance of section 8 tenants. It’s stupid to force landlord to accept section 8 and make accepting section 8 unattractive. Just give honors to section 8 landlords and let it become fashionable and honorable to accept section 8 tenants.


Didn’t Seattle pass a law last year that landlords are required to rent to the first qualified candidate who turns in an application (or walks through the door)?


I have a dream. Someday I’ll buy a mansion in pacific heights and rent to a good section 8 tenant.

My second dream is a Palo Alto mansion with a section 8 tenant.




I think you would still be bleeding cash flow for that even if paid all cash (rent might not even cover property tax alone).


:joy:Well I think section 8 pays more for the WSJ house peter pan is trying to lease. Wsj should have more section 8 tenants to increase its market rent.

High end neighborhood usually has a negative cash flow anyway. I’ll be a social justice warrior in that case and economic consideration would be secondary