The Leaning Tower Of San Francisco


You guys worry too much.

I was in the 4th floor of an old building back in Guatemala in 1976. 6.7 < > one. 25,000 people buried in the rubble. Some were found stillā€¦making love. :laughing:


Uh, we are talking about an overweight 58 story concrete skyscraper set in landfill essentially freelyā€¦



CBS is having a special on 60 minutes today on the Leaning Tower of San Francisco at 8pm.


Really? 60 Minutes did a segment on the MT awhile agoā€¦


Maybe its a rerun.


Uh, should I be sitting here in the office so close to this???



At least its not leaning this much.


Maybe he/she is basing it on the supposedly excellent food on the ground floor by Mrs. Stephen Curry no lessā€¦


I f you live in the tower get one of these.


Uh, me thinks a ton of people in Danville might be interestedā€¦ (swarms of earthquakes lately)


Useless. You could die faster that way when you got buried under all the rubbishā€¦


That thing still there? :sweat_smile:


I think a parachute might be better in a Tower