This is Why We Have Been Loving Fremont So Long


hallelujah It’s raining money…in Fremont and everywhere…

Very surprised with 900k price…location is same same. There is another one 3/1 in same neighborhood that went for 945k on mission view


Geez, Chinese pricing strategy = nearly 300K over asking!!!


@sfdragonboy the last two you posted are not your hood…schools are better in irvington and Steven Millard elementary is going up and becoming popular with no inventory.


Yes, I was aware of it on the last two but I was more acknowledging the overasking. Thanks!


All 3 good schools + much closer to 237


Yepp the 945K pricing is verry surprising for me.


$270K over asking.


Went pending in 7 days

Went pending in 8 days


Yes, lovely 48 address is rewarded with an equally auspicious 1268 selling price!!!


Damn, the 4s didn’t stop the buying!!!


What will happen to 34442 or 34640? Bad #s right? My guess will be they will go above asking.


CHA-CHING, Fremont owners!!! Your home just went up again!!! Yeeeehaw!!!


Couple of years ago, it was ranked #1 to raise family I think. But I’ll take every good news :slight_smile:


What was that, @myo, I can’t hear you…I keep hearing cash register sounds!!!


Yes, news media, keep this up!!!