Trading wars impact


Tariffs are inflationary. Good for real estate prices.


Man… Is there anything that DOES NOT increase real estate prices for you?


I choose optimism over pessimism. Definitely not good for my stocks


If stock falls, economy corrects, job falls, real estate stabilizes from wild offers !


Do you guys expect apple taking an eventual hit due to trading wars, since they do have huge presence in china with iphones & macbooks? Apple also has manufacturing there, so it’s not clear.


The Trump administration on Tuesday threatened to slap stiff tariffs on some $50 billion in Chinese imports across 1,300 categories of products, unveiling the most aggressive challenge in decades to Beijing’s trade practices.

The imports targeted for 25% levies range from high value-added goods such as medicines and medical equipment to intermediate goods like machine tools and chemicals, according to a release by the U.S. Trade Representative.

The list also includes some consumer goods such as dishwashers, televisions and automobile parts, but doesn’t include retail mainstays such as shoes, clothing, mobile phones and furniture—products that might cause a U.S. consumer backlash should the tariffs push up prices at American retail outlets.


So a good hedge is apple, then. Also xiaomis ipo.


Shoes already have heavy tariffs and clothing has quota. That article seems very poorly researched.


Not everybody is an importer :slight_smile:


China already puts tariff on iPhones. That’s why you read that article how some gangsters used drones to smuggle iPhones from Hong Kong into mainland China.

Apple should be safe from the current trade war.




If someone wrote an article on tariffs, isn’t it too much to ask for a little research first?


So Apple would benefit from the eventual zero tariff!!! Buy, hand over fist :+1:


China retaliates! That’s fast!


S&P futures down 1%. Nasdaq down 1.4%. It looks like it’s gonna ugly tomorrow. :scream:


China Hits Soybeans, Aircraft in Counter-Punch to Trump Tariffs


Somehow it seems like market wants to go up, but decays slowly due to trumps actions.

unbelievable how FB couldn’t recover, when tesla is a green today.


Reversal of trend today. Market free fall is OVER.


Wearing your Dow 50k hat?


He is thinking of TSLA and AAPL.