Will Seattle really become the next San Francisco?


@sfdragonboy must be happy - less people in the worldclass city.


Well, I am not down there often so I could care less about San Jose. It is crowded when we want some Boiling Crab action though…


What the heck is going on up there, @marcus335???


The “libtards” getting their way…


Property taxes are going up by 17%+ this year. It seems unfair to limit rent increases when property taxes can increase that much. There’s a lot of new apartment inventory coming online in the next few months. One of the constructions sites I walk past every day is now leasing. Two more look like they’ll be ready this summer. These are huge buildings that take up a full block each. I think rents will start to level out some.

“One of the wrinkles in this law is that Portland does not have a lot of data collection built into it.”

This is a huge issue. How else can people know if a policy is actually working? Instead, people will rely on emotions.


Geez, and we thought our Fab 7x7 leadership was draconian…


Housing shortage is nation wide


The city is trying. They want to tax employers with gross revenue above $10M to create $75M in tax revenue to help the homeless. The article covers why it’s a terrible idea.


God, Seattle may be out San Franciscoing San Francisco…



We aren’t SF yet.


Great! That law is major bullshit.


Wow, thanks Judge!!!