$100K IUL challenge

Gee Marcus! Call the cops! You caught me! :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream:

Marcus, to start my response, where in the hell did I insult anybody? Jesus! To me, insulting is calling names like mother f…er, and so on. Saying don’t be an idiot, stupid, and/or dumb is a common phrase in the English language. Like insulting the stupidvisors?

I already said I am not good at English, I learned it on the street, I never put a foot in a ESL classroom. So…Then, please, again, pay more attention when you read.

There’s a fiduciary duty on what I do. I don’t fool anybody, my license can be taken away. I don’t deal with not too intelligent people either. If they can’t comprehend what they are getting into, I walk away, these people are a good source of problems, and of course you have to protect yourself against any scrutiny by the DOI. I stay away from “unsuspecting” individuals, not my forte, my integrity is so far more important than making a buck.

Our products are not sales, but intense research through a financial analysis to find out the best way they can retire. If they barely have money to eat, sorry, wait for better times to put some money aside for insurance. But we don’t stop there, I aim at businesses, it includes looking for a way to turn their sole proprietary ownership into an LLC, C,S whatever letter of the alphabet corporation, or opening retirement plans for their employees so they can deduct more taxes, etc.

Last year, I changed groups within my company. I had a deal in the make, and when I found out a partner of mine had deceived the client to the point he got mad at the pace of the transaction and walked away, I quit his group, I lost $36K commission. Yes, it hurt me like never to see that client going away and my beautiful check disappear. I am happy that happened, I found a better group, responsible, educational, and with integrity.

Now, to be clear, most of businesses in this country are based on making a buck on unsuspecting customers. The famous IPhone for example. It may be the same crap with a new thingy. You can’t make money in this country without using OPM. That stands for other people’s money. And I believe Jil above explained he has to keep certain amount of money in his account in order to get 30 free stock exchanges or sales. Guess what they do with that money that he is lending them for free?

Another example, a landlord like yourself selling a home for $500K won’t stop laughing if out of nowhere a dumb guy comes and offers you $700K cash. I bet you would say no, of course, yes Marcus, you are so noble you would… Are you bound to any fiduciary duty to let this unsuspecting individual know that he is paying too much for your property? No!
Shame on you man! :scream:

Long before, I had seen her video suggesting debit card. True, she provides such suggestion for those people who screwed their credit ratings by irresponsibly swiping credit cards. She used to tell tear all credit cards and use debit card.

This is 100% right for those people she suggests.

Make it complicated, make them fearful and confused. That seems to be the tactic for some industries. If it’s too good to be true, it could still be true, however the chance is low


@buyinghouse It must be exhausting to run in circles like that. I actually feel bad for anyone buying a financial product from someone that doesn’t understand what they are selling.

High pressure sales are mostly sketchy. But it works on some victims.

Anyone here has bought any IUL or any similar products? Some MLM schemes recruit people to sell these kind of stuff. They are really aggressive and some people bought the product not for the benefit of the insurance product, but to show their down lines that the product must be good since they bought for themselves.

Is Insurance industry highly regulated? Seems that regulation can not prevent stupidity, greed and fear. I
think CIA should recruit from IUL insurance agents to select the most effective spies to entice and control intelligence targets

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I recently migrated all my holdings to IB. Love it. Their margin rate is the lowest in the industry, and the whole company seems to be very customer focused. I can tell from the design of their apps. Top notch.

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