100x Appreciation in 43 Years


Property History for 157 Capuchino Drive

Date Event & Source Price Appreciation
Oct 19, 2018 Listed (Active) $2,150,000
Jan 13, 1975 Sold (Public Records) $20,500

That works out to 11.3% annual compound growth rate over 43 years, not counting the rental income over 43 years.

If you bought this 4-plex today, do you expect 100x growth in the next 43 years? That is, will this 4-plex be worth 200M in year 2061?


If inflation goes up to 15%, why not?

In the next 43 years we’ll all be dead, or at least waiting to die in a nursing home.

I heard you can suck young people’s blood and live forever?

Me? Do I look like a dracula to you? :rofl:

all 1 bedrooms though, lot of negative cash flow on this

$390,000 is the paid price in 1997. In all honesty, over 20 years anyone ever thought how many times one has to show and collect late rent?

In 1979 someone offered me a SFH 3/1 no better condition near proposed Google Village around 95110. The tenants showed me their pigs in the back on a 8000 lot sf home. The asking price was $38K. Gangs, hookers etc…


39 years ago? How old are you now? Over 60 or 70?

Too old… :rofl:

Bought at a trough. Did a computation of my 2 SFHs, annualized appreciation is 6% and 13%. So time of purchase affects the appreciation rate. However, it doesn’t affect the rate that much over a very long period. Perhaps, milbrae appreciates at 10-12% p.a. :grinning:

Inflation in 1970s is over 10%.

Are you saying, houses bought in the Bay Area in 1970s would have appreciation rate of 10-12% ?

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In 1970s, home appreciation is a few percentage above inflation. I think it’s over 10% even in fly over states such as Texas

I don’t think this 4 plex will sell at this price. Maybe 1.7 to 1.8? Even then it’s not a good deal I think.

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Yup exactly . all 1 bdrm

Look at their rent roll. Monthly rent around 7500. Not shabby.

even 40% down, cash flow is still pretty negative. and looks hella old as well