105K Income Qualifies for Sec 8 in Bay Area

San Francisco and San Mateo counties have the highest limits in the Bay Area — and among the highest such numbers in the country. A family of four with an income of $105,350 per year is considered “low income.” A $65,800 annual income is considered “very low” for a family the same size, and $39,500 is “extremely low.” The median income for those areas is $115,300.

Other Bay Area counties are not far behind. In Alameda and Contra Costa counties, $80,400 for a family of four is considered low income, while in Santa Clara County, $84,750 is the low-income threshold for a family of four.

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Just the other day I was saying I am content with a 100K rental income, and that income should allow a family living comfortably in the Bay.


Am I that out of touch? I am mostly liberal, but come the effing on, how do these “low income” people spend their money?

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Lexus, Bimmer, Benz/IPHONE/big screen tv/ fancy dinner/china junk online etc…


100k rental income is no small feat… You would need to own at least 20 houses around the Bay Area. My guess is that less than 1 percent of the families are capable of doing that.

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I don’t get the math of how low income is so close to median income. It seems they’re saying ~40% of the Bay Area is low income.

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“Minimum wage is going up, but it would be different if the cost of living was the same as when I was a teenager,” Larkins said. “Minimum wage goes up, and the cost of living goes up.”

Yet, that person is an advocate for higher minimum wage. They admit it doesn’t work, but they advocate for it anyway. Gravity is stupid. I want to be able to fly. I’m going to start a group advocating eliminating gravity.

The $82k example is also weird. I’d think they’d be about $60k post tax. That’s $5k/mo and they site $1200 rent, $600 student loan, and $250 car payment. That’s $2050/mo. Where does the other $2950 go? I get there’s car insurance, gas, etc but wow. Get some finaincial discipline. Most of this can be summed up by people can’t afford the lifestyle they feel entitled to having.


The 82K example got me too. I am all for helping low income folks. In the Bay Area I’d say a family of four making 50K or less genuinely needs some help. Be that tax credit or housing. I am fine with that. But folks making 105K? I honestly think my family can live quite comfortably on that income.

Something doesn’t compute here.


Umm…yes it would be nice if your wage goes up but rent for 2 br stays at $600 a month. It would be even better if you win the lottery so this would no longer be an issue.

Time for these people to wake up.

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Maybe the goal is to use welfare to control the bottom 40% people so the liberals can dominate our elections?

Once people get welfare, they will become super loyal to liberalism.

In the Soviet Union and the old China, everyone was living on government welfare. If we eliminate income inequality, everyone will be of the same income and everyone can get welfare.

When $105k earners become section 8 and $250k earners become BMR owner, Califnornia may become 95% democrats and the elections will be drastically different

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Welcome to American politics.

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40% of population are eligible for section 8, but in reality, our government does not have money to support 40% of population for section 8 housing. The waiting list for section 8 is really long, and it’s closed. Most of these qualified “low income” people will never get the section 8. And many of the qualified people may refuse to get government subsidy even if they are eligible.

Even if they make 100% of the population eligible for free housing, majority of the population will still get worse housing than they have today. Look at Cuba and North Korea, even though everyone in those countries get free housing, their free housing is still much worse than American’s hard to afford housing.

People think free healthcare is better too. They don’t read about wait times in Canada.

Votebank politics!

Here is how local tech small companies make money ! Then 105k is really low income ! This guy is from Bay Area, planning to move Oregon. Source copied from reddit.

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Now I feel dirt poor. Need to move to Iowa. :cry:

Come on. We all know that reddit guy is just showing off. Not even a brain surgeon makes more than $1million a year. Stop comparing yourself against him!

It is not for show off as I see he does not know some basic stuff about investing and finance, except he mints money with tech business !

I just copied only portion of it, but not the entire thread which has some irking remarks.

This guy who posted is serious person, a big thread of information was going back and forth. In fact, he wants to find a way what to do, consulted CPA…etc.

However, I am posting the thread link. Whatever he stated here is true and he is seriously trying to find out how to position himself for future.


Well if he keeps on making 100k a month and lives frugally as he stated, then he can do no wrong! My only advice to him would be enjoy your laughing to the bank every month!

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Look like even though can work remotely from home, need to startup in SFBA and then move to a no-income tax state :slight_smile:

If the original business could be started by a single developer, won’t one or may be more of the employees could do similarly i.e. be your competitor, after gaining sufficient experience and your client? The business doesn’t feel like those that have network effect.

Oregon has income tax. It just doesn’t have sales tax. For people who like to shop it’s a perfect state.