2017 CA Housing Forecast

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Buyer’s market 2017?

The article does imply a continuation of price appreciation. From my monitoring, prices have started coming down since mid last year. There are some occasional overpaying of well remodeled houses but that type of pricing has not caught on with other houses.

As @hanera mentioned, this article suggests the same (gains but reduced in store for next year at least around here).


Definitely not a buyers market. Like my prediction they were wrong…Strongest Jan and Feb demand in years

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I agree with elt1 “Definitely not a buyers market”

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It’s only a crisis if you don’t own. If you do own, it’s amazing :slight_smile: I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the government to help fix it either. I guarantee they’ll make it worse.

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It seems that some people from media keep inventing numerous so-called “crisis” and trying to divide and conquer the stupid mass population.

Media is the real king. Whoever controls the media will be the king.

Maybe the future king is somewhere in the social media

Maybe Manch will become a mini-king on real estate because of this forum :grinning:. Either Manch or the most prolific poster

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Goes down is crisis, goes up is crisis. Whatever happens, crisis :joy:

King Manch publicly but the king maker is someone else.

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Always a crisis. Everyday is a crisis. Everything is a crisis. Going up is a crisis, going down is a crisis, no change is also a crisis.

Media is a fat crying baby

I think one can be very rich but not famous. I think that’s better than rich and famous.


Crisis sells. Who’d buy/read an article that says everything is boringly ok?

That is the traditional Chinese thinking. Many American techies think the same but Wall Street thinks otherwise.


Techies are nerds. People will only make fun of them if they ever become famous. Actually, people make fun of anyone who is famous.

Wall Street and Hollywood loves to be famous, did a few checks and noted their net worth is hardly to be boast about.

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Americans are obsessed with celebrities. …They definitely have targets on their backs. .We elected one president. …why do people want celebrity? Seems like a nightmare…look at the ones hounded by paparazzi. …Be careful what you ask for…

Famous and semi-rich is the celebrity.

Famous and poor are the politicians. But the poor politicians can quickly become rich. I think clintons now both famous and rich and powerful

More of the same for the rest of 2017, so better be willing to compete for that precious few homes out there…