2022 housing market

What should be expected?

From what I read, pundits expect house prices to rise till Mar, then gradually come down. I don’t care, just keep buying one SFH per year…

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Nearby house for sale. Asking is the Zillow value of our house. Ours is not as nice, nor as large, and is older, so I was surprised (ok, I’m also surprised at the Zillow value of our house). Anyways, seems to me that things may be flatlining or not up as high as we thought.

idk here things are still going for way over ask (500-600k over on 2M houses) / they may be underpricing on purpose.

last few solds in Danville


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As far as I can tell, it seems that the near future of the U.S. real estate market is quite uncertain. Localized housing bubbles such as those in San Francisco and Los Angeles make me think that housing values may drop substantially if these real estate microcosms are compromised.

How do you define a bubble?

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