22 Properties for sale at once. Jets for sale, REITs

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I’ve been telling you of my relationship with this real estate investor that is calling it quits when it comes to managing micro rentals to go full macro by buying a building somewhere else. I am helping him to sell his 22 properties, mostly in Tampa, Florida. That means, the sale will be coordinated to be one shot deal. Details still to be known since today my mentor is going to talk to the attorney in charge of the famous capital gains deferral I’ve been telling you guys about.

He knows that to sell one by one he is not going to be able to have peace of mind. He has a property manager handling his properties. And he doesn’t have the time nor the patience to 1031 the properties. No way he can do that for the time limitation. He wants liquid capital, pooling the money with others to purchase a huge building in another state.

Then, one of my partners in crime has a friend in Mexico. Believe or not, they thought of opening a private airline type of business for what they invested $ millions. They found out the hard way that nobody messes with Carlos Slim, the richest guy in America or the world, none the less the corruption in that country. Slim owns many of the telecommunication companies in Latin America none the less in Mexico and the US (track phones) if I am not mistaken. $2M a pop, 5 jets available.

Our financial group is always, constantly looking for ways to help people and at the same time make our members earn a living. Last night, very little information was given, I wasn’t involved in the introduction of such company, but I will be next week, but there’s a REIT company offering 8% return. I can’t say guaranteed nor anything else since we didn’t have time for discussion about the pros and cons. I will find out anything and everything next Thursday.

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Well, we finally ended up planning for the sale of 20+ properties.

The sale will go as normal, one by one, the equity of the properties will go into a 1031 exchange, from where the seller will take the money out as an unsecured loan to buy whatever he pleases without the 1031 exchange requirement of 45 days or so to find a replacement property.

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