3 Levels of Financial Independence


AAPL only yields 1.4%. How can @hanera live off AAPL dividend if he only holds 2M worth of AAPL?


I don’t remember he ever said he can live off of aapl dividends alone. I know his wife is still working, so definitely they are not living off of the dividend alone.


What? Wife working while dude is chilling on the forum?

Actually I am a bum too so I shouldn’t judge people really. :smile:


Well, you do “work”…

Frankly, Mr. Austin’s arrangement would not fly with my wifey at all…and I am cool with it


What? You are sitting home playing in this forum while your wife is working?

Staying home dad can become a fad, or already is the alt reality.

I realize that discussion of staying home dad is probably a kind of sexism


Given the rise of women and fast disappearance of jobs that require male characteristics, men and women have to switch roles. Manch and I are the vanguard of this change. I have 15+ years of SAHD experience, any men need empat mata session can PM me :rofl:


Why is Yoda a SAHD anyway…I thought his sons are college age and up so there shouldn’t be a need to babysit them anymore. He just retired with his AAPL dividends.


I wonder if we all know everything about that is to know about everyone in this anonymous forum, in few years. Lol!


Look like this is a hot thread, so I cut n paste the list below from the other thread.

RealEstatebull: $30M
ptiemann: $20M

Elt1: $9M
wuqijun: $6.8M
Jane: $6M
Meguro: $6M
myo: $5.5M
manch: 5.1M
marcus335: $5M
Jil: $5M
sfdragonboy: $5M
tomato $4.5M
BAGD: $2.5M
Roy321: $2M
Terri: $1.8M
harriet: $1.1M
BAJacket: $1.1M
BA_lurker: $1.1M


The less pteimann says the richer he gets…smart guy


How on earth did @RealEstatebull end up with $30m??? :rofl: and where is your basis of putting @Meguro at $6m? So wrong… I need to create a better list. Nobody can put anyone on the list unless a very detailed net worth analysis has been created. So currently there is only one person on this list:

@hanera: $4M


The guy with best looking wife wins this pissing contest…Or in the girls case the best looking husband.
Net worth is not that big a deal…So wuqijun loses…


Looks like we have 100M AUM in this forum. Wow.


That’s not possible to judge… nobody is going to upload their wife’s picture here and you can’t tell based on description alone… :rofl:


Nobody is going to upload their financials either…


Yes but we can get a pretty good idea based on all the stuff they have said on here. I’d say my analysis of @hanera’s net worth shouldn’t be very far off from the truth. I’m going to analyze you next if you don’t keep your mouth shut… :wink:


Damn, I am worth only $3m??? Is that with or without the CRX Si?

Personally, I think that number is low…


That’s a bogus list that’s why. Don’t worry, I’m creating a new list to rectify the situation. And if you are nice to me maybe I won’t put your name on it! Currently there is only one person on this list:

@hanera: $4M



Oh good, leave me out. I have no money. I have a wife remember? (no hate posts please…)


I’m only 5 so give me time to catch up.