400 Bad Request

I have been having this “Cookie too large” problem on Redfin website for a couple days already. Can’t open it on Safari. Also have problem with Chrome, but loads after 3 or 4 refreshes.

Redfin bills itself as a tech company? What a joke!


I login :+1: to Redfin everyday. No issue. Did you login? Btw, I have very fast download speed, 95.2 M bit/sec.

Why should download speed matter?

Maybe if I cleared my cookies that would solve the problem. But your average customers don’t know about technical details like these. I am curious how long it will be like this.

Are your safari latest? The latest safari would auto reload if the webpage takes too much memory.

I have the latest MBP from Apple and High Sierra 10.13.6. Again, why should a customer have the latest software to load a little website?

Some sites badly behaved. I don’t recall Redfin has badly behaved. Some Yahoo! and CNBC sites badly behaved.

I use redfin website everyday and never encountered this issue. I use chrome and firefox.

I just cleared out all the cookies and cache and now it’s loading fine. Redfin sucks.

Probably they changed their cookie namespace or had an additive cookie that got out of control :stuck_out_tongue: like list of previously seen homes.

OMG, this happened just as I was doing my latest tribute to Jason Chan. Thank you Elizabeth (realtor.com didn’t funk out)!!!