$440K Lot in SF


Lot is 3,000 ft. Up hill. I toyed with the idea of building brand new before, pre-fab no less! How will the math work with a 450K lot? Neighborhood is not that great. I think the most expensive house in that area is around 1.2 or 1.3?

If that picture is right about the Target store, then I know this area since I occasionally will go to that 24 Fitness next door. Area is ok and moving up but nothing to write home about. RH1, so zoned for single family house. Not sure if worth to do that as opposed to maybe getting Planning Dept approval for multiple units.

Not sure about SF but I spoke with several architects down here and they gave a wide range of $300 to $450 per square foot for new construction.

I wonder how a prefab would work on a sloping lot? I’d worry about drainage issues with a lot like that. I saw a few older homes in the hills on similar lots and disclosers had a ton of issues from the runoff.

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The pre fab architect I talked to quoted me 200 to 250 a foot, all inclusive. One thing he told me is that garage footage needs to be counted into the total. Yeah, I don’t know how prefab works on sloped lots either. Maybe it doesn’t work at all?

I don’t like sloped lots myself. In Belmont I still see many lots listed and sold every year, and usually those are very steeply sloped lots. And usually it’s listed by one person, Max somebody.

A sloped lot can double the cost…I would be leary of a prefab architect. …Architects are sales people…they sell possiblities…Structural engineers deal in realtiy and know how to just say no…lol.

Prefab on a sloped lot is a fantasy not reality…


How much per foot are we looking at with an upslope lot?

The driveway, excavation, retaining walls, offhaul all can add up to more than $300K…not including shoring, plans, permits and other hidden costs…plus power lones might have to moved to crane in the prefab units