470K for 303 ft


Comes with Murphy bed. :slight_smile: It has been sitting in the market for over a month and no taker.

Well, it is still nearly a half million for a small unit in a rough area between 6th and 7th. I am sure a lot of people came, but once they saw the homeless, the open drug dealing and maybe prostitution at night that they simply said no way.

I hate SOMA with a passion. The only thing going for it is being able to walk to work. But why would you want that?

Well, I wouldn’t really call this the SOMA that everyone loves (or hates). This is almost more towards the rough streets of Market and 6th and 7th right? Who would pay a half million to live near that? Obviously no one.

You mentioned walking to work. I would love to do that. I grew up in Chinatown and would love to move back to the family building one day. Imagine being able to roll out of bed at the very last possible minute and walking to work down by Financial District or SOMA. No late buses to worry about. No bus passes to buy. One gets a nice brisk walk to and from the office.

That is why I am expecting the new Muni metro station at Washington and Stockton to be a major gamechanger for Chinatown and neighboring areas. This is truly the best area around. Forget the Mission. Best weather anywhere in this NE corner of the city. Very close to everything you want. Dim sum and fresh groceries everywhere. No car needed. Yes, old homes and not too many SFHs in this area but I am noticing more and more remodeling of multi unit buildings in my area. It really may be time to cash in on the Sunset while it is flaming hot and go home.

When is it expected to open?

Well, probably at least another few years. I mean, if you have been down by the Apple store on Stockton it seems like it has been forever that they were working on that stretch of Stockton St. Wouldn’t want to be a retailer there.

Out of curiosity I did a Redfin search on Chinatown this afternoon. No SFH’s at all. All expensive condos… It’s too San Francisco for me the suburban boy.

Yeah, I know Chinatown like the back of my hand. We were the pioneers on our street to rent out to non Asians for the first time. Now, everyone is blonde and blue eyes. I know a lot of realtors and investors and believe me, they are all eyeing for multi unit properties in the Chinatown/lower Nob Hill area. Old and expensive, no doubt, but strong, consistent rental market with excellent profile clients. Mom, in her senior years, ain’t hurting for mah jong money…

By the way, do you know in real life any old Chinese dude who dresses like crap but owns a city block’s worth of real estate?

I always tell people I want to be that dude… hahaha

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That would be my big brother. Low key, drives a crap car but fully loaded.

If I were a salesman of anything, I would never ever judge someone by his/her appearance. People with real money don’t show it.