+50 Yr Olds Control 75% of Britain's Housing Wealth


When people live longer, the first time buyer’s age could increase to 50. In the future, you would
rent and save, and only after your 50th birthday, you start looking for house to buy.

This makes total sense mathematically.

When everyone lives to 200, 75% of the housing wealth will be with 100+ year old. I think we’ll have a real housing crisis when everyone lives to 200. Today’s “housing crisis” is simply a liberalism crying over fake wolf.

I’m not surprised. My understanding is most people live in council housing. It includes furniture. It’s similar to BMR in the US but the government owns it. Your rent is set depending on your income.

Council housing was not living to the hopes of its supporters, so it was changed to rent to own to combat “urban blight”. Now, 17% households still live in council housing.

One problem is that domestic violence is not controlled since abuse victim can’t qualify for housing since they are not homeless.

In France you often have wait for he seller to die…In fact some buy a house and allow the seller to stay for life…Europe is crowded…the BA is headed in that direction.