75% of Parents Help Children With Down Payment

We have model parent @Jil here who begged son to buy with free money. :smile:


Why are children today so spoiled by all these “model” parents. Where was my parents’ money when I needed it?.. Oh wait, they brought me to America the land of the free. So I guess they’ve done their share :slight_smile:

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This is RE inflation 2.0…First was women entering the work force enmasse in the 70s…Now parents are inflating prices…A huge demographic movement. And its just getting started…Just like in the 70s if you did not have a double income you were left out…Now that millienials are finally buying with mommy and daddy’s money house prices will continue to sky rocket… $100 trillion of boomer money will be passed on in the next 30 years…

Here too, I am not left alone in race, I am in the 75% quadrant !

Boomers live longer, continue to work with good income, many double income. They have too much money so they will help millienial children to buy a home.

And the boomers may buy second home if they plan to work until 75.