80K off SJ Penthouse


I am not sure why anyone would want to buy a penthouse in San Jose. The skyline is just not that compelling. The kitchen is dated. Actually the whole interior needs to be redone… What’s up with that grandpa sofa? Gosh.

Yours for 1M. Redfin listing.

IIRC there are several new condo developments in the area.

The 18 ft ceilings was a deal killer for me. The windows 18 feet to keep it stifling hot or cold. The cost of heating/cooling that kind of height is huge.

The unit is modern with metal stair rails and metal deck rails. The kitchen should be sleek and modern instead of faux Italian. The LR furnishings are western which doesn’t work with anything else. The master bedroom is the closest to fitting the condo style.

This is an example of why staging is important. People will comment about the furnishings and kitchen/baths without seeing the unit.

Sold! $200K BELOW listing.

That set of couch from Grandpa really costs a lot…

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