A disaster is looming for American men


The coming tech interruptions will destroy men. Women will be fine apparently.

I recently read an article thinking aloud why young men are increasingly choosing not to work. One hypothesis is that with modern technology like social networking and video games, young men can socialize with other people on screen without physically go to a work site. I’d never thought of that…

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I guess we need to focus on finding sugar momma’s :slight_smile:


Good thinking. From Patriarch to equal partners, now have Matriarch. One lady a few husbands :).
There are many jobs that are more suitable for men:
a. Military
b. Police
c. Violent sports like boxing, MMA, football, etc
d. Mechanics
e. Security/ body guards
f. Firefighters
g. Gladiators
h. Entertainers such as dancers and singers (more male required)

Just increase any of the above. Wealthy ladies not only can have a few husbands but can also have a squad of body guards.

What if we have the exoskeleton fight suit aka Iron Man? If so what advantages men has over women soldiers? Even now we don’t have one-on-one fist fights, and women can fire guns just as well as men do.

Rousey was the highest paid MMA fighter. The USA women’s soccer team gets screwed compared to the men’s.

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Women has monthly issue.

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You mean once a month we have the uncontrollable urge to beat the crap out of everyone around us?

I don’t know that this graph is really telling the whole story. As that line goes up, how many of those guys are stay-at-home dads with the mothers working?

It looks to me it’s men who commit over 90% of crimes. Women having “monthly” issues doesn’t seem to be any issue at all. I’d be more worried about men’s daily volatility.

You wish, I wish, he wishes, she doesn’t.

I have one of my agents doing some construction jobs as a side job, that’s one of the way he finds clients. He was working on a Uber project. They will eventually send those poor, and happy camper Uber drivers to the firing squad. They are working on automated cars, the self driving Uber cars. Adios drivers!

Is this why Trump is doing well this year? Lol

On a serious note, LA Times/USC poll, which most accurately predicted 2012 Obama win, consistently showing Trump winning by 5 point even now. Be prepared, men, Lol