A Million Dollars Is No Big Deal Anymore

Reminds me of that funny scene from that old Austin Powers’ movie…

Remember The $6 Million Dollar Man show in the 70’s with Lee Majors? Today, that is what, a hip replacement???

How about buying in the below-million areas now and wait for the tsunami to come?

Ok, please be level headed and do not join the doom and gloom crowd that is actually waiting for earthquakes or rising tides so that they can then make a killing… that is bad karma to wish that on others so that you can then prosper. I just go within the guardrails that we operate in and try to make a dollar without hurting anyone intentionally or directly. Treat people fairly. In all my years of landlording, I must say that I only have had one really bad tenant that tried to screw me (unsuccessfully). My lawyer was impressed.

Yes. 500,00 jobs added at last count. But only 50,000 residences tops. Do the math.

Why does Orange County have 20% of its neighborhoods in million dollar range? What’s the income profile of people living there? I thought crazy house prices are an exclusive bay area thing.

You know Bill Gross? The so called bond king? He lives in Newport Beach which is part of OC. It’s a very rich place.

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I have heard about Bill Gross, but few such people can’t be the reason for 20% rich neighborhoods, right?

There are plenty of areas in So Cal (between LA and San Diego) that are quite expensive actually. It was a rude awakening when I went to school down there. Just the names of the areas sounded expensive to me. Pacific Palisades. Palos Verdes Estates. My cousin used to live in Laguna Niguel which is in Orange County and it was quite lovely. Keep in mind that ocean front property down there in So Cal is not like here, cold and windy.

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Even though ocean front here is less than desirable, still carry the $1+ million price tag.

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