'A new level of inhumanity': Democrats denounce White House idea to release migrants in sanctuary cities



So democrats have said detaining then is inhumane, releasing them is inhumane, and sending them back to their country of origin is inhumane. As long as they have some logic and a plan…


Democrats are changing their position on this issue. They are quietly changing to be against illegal immigration and against open border.

This news just shows that sanctuary cities are viewing illegal immigrants as a burden instead of an asset.

I think the Democratic candidate will embrace reducing illegal immigration in 2020. Media has already started this transition of position and softened its tone dramatically.


They usually release the immigrants that request asylum in San Diego but without giving the city the funds to take care of them. The city has sued the federal government to seek repayment. They recently are making some of them stay in Mexico but those are a minority.

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What does “release” mean? Does it mean that they are free to move in US? If so, SD should not need any fund

Moving in the right direction :clap:

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it’s about love and peace, release to politican’s backyard and live with them. they have big house with extra room, huge backyard where they can setup multiple tents.

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Agreed! Send them to mar-a-lago. The drug dealers, criminals and rapists will feel right at home.

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It means dump.

Is there a wall around mar-a-lago? :rofl:

Trump hires truck loads of them to work in his hotels. He sure would appreciate it. :smile: