A Rancher Is King

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I grew up in the golden age of ranchers in the 50s and 60s…They fell out of favor…The 70s brought 2 story houses on small lots. .Ranchers will not come back…no large lots left in urban areas…Plus most old ranchers are due for major remodeling…The ceilings are too low and they are too chopped up…Builders can remove walls and raise ceilings. …But most old ranchers are small, dark, cramped crap shacks that need new everything and more open floor plans…

They are building modern ones story homes in the exburbs like Rio Vista, MH, Sac suburbs, Reno

Ok, maybe just single story homes are king…that’s essentially what I meant.


Truth is that the forced stairmaster can be a good thing. DH’s grandmother is still in great shape at age 89. Probably because she climbs stairs in her house every day.

No doubt but there is also the flip side reality of senior’s hurting themselves by falling in homes too.

My house in SJ is single story. Great for every age from 0 to 100.


Yes, I like Single Story ranch home with large lot in city neighborhood ! I missed year 2008 boat !

Do you need to walk up a slope or stairs from the road?

Lowest is in 2009 or 2011, 2008 and 2010 are higher. Of course 2012 to now are higher. Of course, looking forward from 2008.

Yes, I mean 2008 downturn. I was about to buy this home, but lost it with $5000 difference in 2012.

How about the year 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 boats? :slight_smile:

I missed them all but still doing great! Of course it would be nice to find the lowest trough to buy but it’s like saying man, I should’ve bought some AAPL back in 2002…

Ha ha ha ha !

There were TH at Cupertino selling at 338k (now 1M+) between 1997 and 2002. I was ignorant of real estate pre-2004 ! I voted against buying a home in bay area ! Like many think now to go out of bay area or go out of country, I was also thinking.

Same way, I voted against all stocks. Past experience between 1995-2003 was bad on stocks, mainly speculative interest. I was ignorant of stock investments too.

Everything changed suddenly when I bought my first home in 2004-5 period.

Unknown or ignorant period I do not regret. Once we know everything and missing the boat is a regrettable mistake!

Just a story to be told e.g. to us :slight_smile: there is no need to regret… in life, we shouldn’t regret, just move on. Every experience, success or failure, form your life story.


Thought you’re pretty old. Bought first in 2004-5? I bought first home in 1993.

Yes, lessons learnt ! I will soon, hopefully in 2017, build/have 3000 sqft single story ranch with 10k lot !


I was in college in 1993. I had scholarship worth $20k though. Man, I should’ve used some of that to buy AAPL back then. Hahaha… regrets regrets


Having live in 3 rancher for 3 year, my wife and I are having an itch with second story now. But I know I’ll return to rancher, it is just spacious. We saw some rancher in San Mateo close by 280, amazing neighborhoods and we felt like we are not even in Bay Area. Love it (for later part of the life)

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I was against buying home in bay area 10-12 years, fearing about lay off. Bought home very late.

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Yes, but how much of that is on stairs? I’d bet most is showers, kitchens, and icy sidewalks.

Kids on the other hand, do tend to have a lot of stair accidents.

But it NOW myo! Or you won’t be able to afford it later in life. Anything near 280 is pricey and goes up fast.