A Unicorn Bites the Dust

Ouch. Looks like Theranos is gone. What a shame. I loved the business idea but it looks like there were some serious problems with the technology and leadership.

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What’s wrong with it? Did they just flat out lie about their tech?

Its technology was a machine called the Edison that could do blood tests on really small samples of blood. Turns out the tests were highly inaccurate. The FDA required them to stop using the Edison, & found a ton of clinical laboratory violations. Now, Holmes is banned from running a clinical lab, which means she is out as CEO.
A run of the mill clinical lab w/o a disruptive technology isn’t worth billions of dollars and a huge campus on Page Mill…so Theranos is a goner.

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She made money still.

Perhaps, but I think you would agree that her reputation is shot as well as her dream venture. Money is not everything…

for sure, but i wonder if that’ll last long.

She still has a bunch of lawsuits to plough through. Unless she hid them in trusts that cannot be broken open she is going to go through it all quick enough