@manch buy before it starts to gallop. Once Trump signed the deal, AAPL would gallop.


Please gallop to $500.



Is what I want to see :slightly_smiling_face: Focus on healthcare! which is in danger of overtaken by AMZN and GOOG. What is the point of spending so much money in identifying opportunities and figuring out the go to market if need to take so f… long to release a product. Without SJ, IMHO Apple should not try to release a perfect product, good enough just like others will do eg perfect HomePod can’t get traction when Amazon and Google Home grabs all the initiative.


Apple held its annual investor’s meeting at its Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California, this morning, where Apple CEO Tim Cook shared some details on Apple’s future product plans.

@hanera did you go?


No, I got a life :slight_smile:

Apple patent hints at AR headset that’ll work with your iPhone

Apple has filed for a patent (number 20190050146) for “providing a remote keyboard service” for the Apple TV.

Apple uses Siri Shortcuts to catch up to Alexa, Google Assistant

To protect your privacy, use only Siri according to Scholle McFarland Takes Control of Siri

One of Tim Cook’s “seeds” being germinated is a video-streaming service to compete with Netflix and Hulu.

Won’t be subscribing because likely limited Chinese videos. Prefer IQ and youtube.

Survey: Apple’s Share Of Smartphone Market Remains At All-Time High

Global Smartphone Shipments for Q4 2018 Surfaces showing Apple’s Strengths, Weaknesses and Future Battleground

The worst of Apple’s iPhone problems are over

5G Tide to Lift Apple
Informing @manch and @Jil that AAPL is THE 5G bet


We have hit peak or near peak smartphones worldwide. If there are new markets where smart phones still have room to grow, most likely these regions need less expensive phones that iphones. It is serious time for Cook to find some new growth areas. Apple services have been growing nicely. However it is not enough to offset the flattening of the phone sales.


You’ve been off the forum for awhile. TC has been preparing for the iPhone plateau since 2010. Read below:



Suddenly bring up old news? No new info.


That’s to stimulate some thoughts. Who would benefit and who would lose?


Don’t buy INTC :slight_smile: One of the reason for Apple deciding to migrate away from INTC is that INTC is sleeping on its wheels. Su came onboard too late.

Also don’t buy QCOM, Apple is moving away from QCOM too.

May be buy MU since Apple is definitely planning to move away from Shamesong chips.

Please buy some rentals in Austin, the city of semi is now the hottest city for jobs!


Actually I think it’s bullish for QCOM. Other computer makers will likely want to move to ARM. The only other ARM chip makers are Samsung and QCOM.


Buy TSMC. Intel has its own fabs. Moving away from Intel is to move to either TSMC or Samsung.


Thank you for the tips. Already bought. 500 shares :grinning:


5G Supplier, Foldable Phones, Futuristic Car

Apple says a former engineer co-invented tech in Qualcomm patent dispute

IDC Reports Strong Growth in the Worldwide Wearables Market, Led by Holiday Shipments of Smartwatches, Wrist Bands, and Ear-Worn Devices

Apple maintained the number 1 position with 16.2 million devices shipped in 4Q18, 10.4 million of which were Apple Watches.


• Apple (AAPL -0.5%) will add 1,200 jobs over three years at the planned campus in San Diego, according to Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Apple VP Kristina Raspe,.

• Apple hasn’t picked a location for the campus yet but says San Diego will become a principal engineering hub.

• Plans for several new Apple campuses were unveiled in December with the largest, $1B investment going towards the second Austin, Texas campus.


Why? Is that spaceship not big enough to house all the developers?


:+1: + San Diego has plenty of good semi talents who love San Diego and don’t want to come to stay in a million dollar shack with no ocean view.


They are welcome to buy some million dollar shacks at Outer Sunset with an ocean view.