The web has allowed empty vessels to amplify their noises. So need to counter these noises and educate certain ignorant shallow thinkers :grinning: Mark has said what I have said in a few words. Good that Mark published a long winded article, wonder how many people actually read the TL;DR article.


Uh oh. Not looking good.


No new info for Marcus :smiley:


Mis-reporting by CNBC, sound like those 200 are retrenched, actually they are merely re-assigned. The newly recruited Doug Field restructures the Titan team :slight_smile: Bob did the same thing when he first joined the team. Somehow I feel Apple won’t be coming up with a car :slight_smile: apparently still not clear of what is the correct direction to take. From whole gadget to software only and now apparently changes in direction of what software. TC said healthcare is the future, so bringing Doug Field is perhaps his last effort to revive Titan, failing which, all in Titan would be re-assigned. Titan is a heavy cash drain.

Under new Management, Apple Reassigns 200 Project Titan Team Members to other Company Projects

As the team focuses their work on several key areas for 2019, some groups are being moved to projects in other parts of the company, where they will support machine learning and other initiatives, across all of Apple ," the spokesperson said.

The 200 Apple badges were re-assigned. Media like to mis-report, before this, report “slow down in hiring” to be “hiring freeze”. Reading what TC said carefully, it means those in cost centers would have a hard time getting people while those in the growth segments would continue to get people.

Jim Cramer thinks Apple should focus on healthcare :slight_smile: Thought is implied by what TC said.
What Is Apple Doing in Autonomous Driving?


Even a car won’t save this sinking ship. Jump sooner rather than later :rofl:


Taking over from the troll :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ?
Jim Cramer, “I could call the top but I take the long term view”.
Btw, I am against building the car from day 1. There are already so many players and all of them are well ahead of Apple, what can Apple do better than Tesla, Google and the traditional car manufacturers? I think just like Doug Field has a go, and then terminate the project and re-assigned everyone. Those tens (may be hundreds) of billions spent won’t be all wasted, should be able to apply to other products.


What “other products” are you talking about?


Morgan Stanley: Buy Apple now before earnings next week because the bad news is already in the stock

Calling… in 2019, semi stocks have higher return than AAPL and FB?

Refer to the S curve diagram (quoted below),
Other than hardware products, services such as Maps and Siri definitely benefit.


manch first posted the 200 people news in this thread, yours is the third or fourth posting :slight_smile:

Refer to my comment to his post,

Above re-assignment (not retrenchment) + hiring slowdown (not freeze as widely reported), IMHO means…

That is to say, Apple is not rescinding or slowing down expansion/ growth projects. Is controlling cost or go where the talent are…

Expanding in Austin (& those mentioned in Dec by TC) is a long term strategy so I expect it to continue unabated, more likely would force hiring there and “freeze” (slow down drastically) hiring in SV. IMHO, cost of operation in SV is getting too expensive for businesses, and cost of housing is getting too high to attract people to come here. Businesses have to compensate employees for the high cost of living and people have to be convinced their career prospect would be enhanced significantly to be willing to live in million dollar shacks (or rent, ego would be hurt especially when they come from places like Atlanta :slight_smile: and Austin :grinning: where they could be staying in 4000 sqft mansion).

Other than Santa Clara city, San Diego and Austin are the places for …

I have never like Titan, and have been wishing it dissolved right from the start when I heard of it in the news. See my comments,

A typical house in northern suburb of Atlanta :slight_smile:

A typical house in northern suburb of Austin :slight_smile:


Look at it another way Apple is just losing the talent war to Facebook and google. It can’t compete with Facebook giving out 500k RSU to new hires so it has to fish in lesser locales. :smiling_imp:


It will work out the same because Aapl will have less stock dilution than FB.


If aapl gives you zero growth for 5 years why care about dilution.


How is fb going to grow whereas Aapl won’t grow? Too much speculation here.


FB sales/marketing focus is different from AAPL sales/marketing focus. We can not directly co-relate both of them except generic economic influences.

AAPL growth is affected by Chinese economy/sales and product pricing issues.

FB is affected by regulatory controls, but not by economy issues.

They are two different animals…


Cigarettes are more profitable than nicotine patches. If Cook wants to shift apple into a health centric company it won’t grow very much, and will likely shrink from current level.

Seeing decrepit seniors wearing apple watches is not exactly a good marketing campaign to convince youngsters wearing one. Pretty soon the sight of one is a signal something is not right with the person.


The whole developed world plus China are getting older and older. What’s wrong with targeting a more numerous demographic. Aapl could be doing the right thing here. Old people are wealthier too so number plus money means more profit.


There is some overlap in talent requirements. However, the core staff is of different skills,

Apple: Hardware engineers + system SWEs
Google & Facebook: Application SWEs

Apple is unable to match Google & Facebook in compensation packages for Application SWEs because of wage harmony. Apple requires hardware engineers and SWEs of different disciplines to work together very closely. From my experience, a team of too different pay packages can’t work together harmonious. So can’t pay Application SWEs too highly. HR managers (@Jane ?) can verify this.

Don’t let your imagination run wild :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Apple watch is for all ages!
Young: Fitness
Middle: Business & Entertainment?
Senior: Health monitoring


Have you ever read that theory about why male peacocks have those useless big beautiful feathers? It’s actually bad for them because predators can more easily see them.

But it’s a way to tell the female peacocks that they are so strong they don’t mind those predators. So let’s have some sex female peacocks.

Wearing apple watches will soon have the opposite signals. You must have a pretty crappy heart and will likely drop dead without warning. Ladies will avoid you. Zero sex. :smile:


Old people should always avoid sex to prevent heart attack.


Apple watch being used in health connection is an added advantage for Apple watch addiction! How much do you see growth (5% or 10%) current year? Any estimates?

BTW: Apple reducing or moving out Austin project (My guess work/speculation) may be negative for Austin investors, but a positive sign for AAPL investors.:rofl: