I don’t want to turn it off. The iPhone turns it off once you open the camera app.


Android Q might include an equivalent to Apple’s Face ID

Apple is no longer able to innovate, always copying features from Androids.

Respected analyst says everyone’s too pessimistic about Apple

Next quarter revenue should fall off the cliff because of the overly expensive iPhones.

Apple patent foldable display

Time for Apple to sue Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung?

Gene Munster, a venture capitalist and analyst at Loup Ventures reading between the lines of Apple’s dismissal of 200 self-driving car employees points to a shift in its AI strategy thinks that Titan is taking a back seat at Apple, opting to beef up its general AI staff to better compete with Google and Amazon.



“Shares of Nvidia tanked as much as 17 percent in early trading Monday after the company lowered its revenue guidance for the fourth quarter citing “deteriorating macroeconomic conditions, particularly in China.”

Maybe China is having economic problems.


Global slowdown with China slowdown more drastically. The transition from export-led to consumption is not going smoothly. Also the shadow banking is breaking down. I read somewhere that slowdown has begun 1-2 years ago.

CAT also get killed.


Apple is just flailing around for dollars. :man_facepalming:


All out push to be a services company? Frankly, this is Xiaomi model, not sure is still is. Btw, the biggest subscription game is WoW :grinning:



Apple Bug Lets iPhone Users Listen in on Others Via FaceTime

Apple Inc. customers discovered a software bug that lets people listen in on other users by way of the company’s FaceTime video chat service in one of the biggest privacy-related problems faced by the company.

The bug allows a user to call someone on FaceTime and automatically begin hearing the other person before they pick up the call. The other person isn’t aware that the caller can hear them. The bug, confirmed by Bloomberg News, happens when a user creates a FaceTime conference call, puts in their phone number, and then adds the number of another person. The flaw also allows video to be sent if the other user clicks either their power button or one of the volume controls.


Surprisingly, volume for call($170) is the highest and so much higher than those near ATM calls. Normally near ATM calls have the highest volume near earnings. Volume of puts behave as expected.

Contrarian thinking? Traders overly bullish, so is bearish :roll_eyes:


That’s bearish


BAGB prefers alternative count :grinning:
Any1 long straddle (Feb 1 $155)?


I am also bearish on AAPL…Next 12-18 months to recover.


Up or Dn after reports? :smiling_imp:


He felt the same for AAPL as Jim Cramer for NVDA, want to buy after it takes out the low at $142.


Stock went up after report though. Guess he won’t be getting any at below $150…



Based on AH, $165 is more likely than $145. But don’t be too happy yet, Fed could trump :weary: any good news.

Revenue from Mac® and Wearables, Home and Accessories also reached all-time highs, growing 9 percent and 33 percent, respectively, and revenue from iPad® grew 17 percent.


Feb 1 options after market closed. Let’s which options make money. Since IV would collapse, doubt call ($170) can make money, we’ll see.

He refers to manch? AFAIK, Jil bought a bunch, he didn’t say he sold them… may be he did.

One more thing, calling those who didn’t buy AppleWatch and AirPods do it quick. Don’t be behind the crowd. Join the early adopters.


I thought it was Jil but could be Manch too! :rofl:

Now could be nothing below $160… :thinking:


Oops, WB stock, I just hold only 100 shares…from $148 (Pre TC revision purchase 10/26th), lost the boat.

That said, even now, I am not confident of AAPL going back to $225/share in near term.

If day after Tomorrow TSLA also jumps, you are the luckiest to win both ! Let us wait and see…


I just hold 100 shares, with WB motivation, sold rest as I need to re-allocate portfolio.


Apple’s iPhone installed base hits 900 million

As part of a call discussing the company’s mixed earnings, CFO Luca Maestri revealed that Apple has an installed base of 900 million iPhones – the first time the company has revealed that statistic.

there were 1.4 billion active iOS devices as of the end of 2018.

Calling @manch, for services, installed base is more critical than annual/ quarterly sales.

iPhone XR was the most popular, followed by the XS Max and the regular XS.

As expected by most analysts.

Another was gross margins of 62.8% for its growing services business.

there are more than 360 million paid customers across services

@manch, good enough for you?

In the call, Tim Cook noted that Apple was looking at pricing iPhones according to local currencies in China and other countries, rather than pegging them to the US price. That would bring prices closer to where they were a year earlier – in other words, they’re price cuts. While changes in pricing weren’t that dramatic in the US, they were “amplified” by foreign exchange rates. Apple wants to keep iPhone sales healthy, and it’s willing to absorb some of the currency changes if it helps move units.

@manch, happy?