@manch dead silent :rofl:


Not happy!!! :-1:


You will be more unhappy after Tesla posts results tomorrow.


As a friend I’ll feel sad to see you get hurt… :cry:


But you can always buy some before the earnings announcement to turn your mood around… :rofl:


Important day tomorrow since my top 2 holding has earning call! Let’s see how my mood will be.


What are your top 2 holdings? FB and TSLA?


MSFT and BABA :innocent:


No… :rofl:



Yep and Amzn as to complete the picture as top 3 individual stock.


You’re aggressive :scream:


Accumulated over 3+ years. But I believe in those for long term. 2 of them surviving would be sufficient.


Last year didn’t meet expectations, 2 down 1 up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Don’t be jealous of people holding forward looking stocks whereas you are stuck with aapl.


Last year is not long term in my definition. Down mean buying opportunity and I did.


Is jealousy a crime? Is human to be jealous! :triumph:

By association, can we trust FB employees and investors :scream:

Update: Sources tell us that Apple revoking Facebook’s Enterprise Certificate has broken all of the company’s legitimate employee-only apps. Those include pre-launch internal-testing versions of Facebook and Instagram, as well as the employee apps for coordinating commutes or seeing the day’s lunch schedule. That’s causing mayhem at Facebook, disrupting their daily work flow and ability to do product development. We predicted yesterday that Apple could take this drastic step to punish Facebook much harder than just removing its Research app.


When you are satisfied on your holdings, you will never look at any one else holdings. If you do not mistake me, jealous goes away with maturity! You need to focus on absolute growth, not relative growth. Same way, happiness comes from your heart, no one gives you.


Buy that mansion in Atherton, @hanera, it’ll make you feel much better… :rofl:


Reason why Apple doesn’t want to make cars? Lifted from Tesla Q4 earnings letter.