iPhone sales have declined from the peak. That’s what all the bears keep saying. Yet, services revenue keeps growing. I’m guessing the two graphs would have a terrible correlation coefficient.


Services (including AppleCare) correlate closer to installed base (~1 billion) than unit sales (~200 million). Regardless of the age of iPhones, can still use services (may be not AppleCare), so installed base is more relevant when evaluating services. Don’t forget one of the reason for plateau-ing sale is consumers are taking longer to upgrade, still using the iPhone :slight_smile:


iPhone sales compared with service revenue growth.


Assuming most new users (as in didn’t own an iPhone before) behave like me, sales to new users would correlate to growth of service revenue. Apple used to provide this info, didn’t read their reports in detail nowadays, so not sure whether they still provide this number. From memory, should be between 10-15%.

Just checked last quarter results, Apple said 19% growth yoy. Assuming 15% are new users, the other 4% could be due to more people using AppleMusic (launched in 2015) and more expensive services (did AppleCare costs more for iPhone X series)? Too lazy to analyze any deeper :blush:


Uh oh. Retail chief leaving.



She’s a career “gold digger”. Always looking for greener pastures. Good riddance.

The fact that the stock didn’t move on her departure news shows the kind of significance she has. :rofl:


Good news.


After five transformative years leading the company’s retail and online stores, Angela Ahrendts plans to depart Apple in April for new personal and professional pursuits.

Her major achievement is to be blindsided by China accelerated slowdown, causing Apple to have 7 millions (assuming unit cost is about $1k, miss guidance of $7B) of unsold iPhone X series.


She should’ve done a better job selling those phones in China. She failed her duty. I think she actually got fired.


China is hard to understand. Even overseas Chinese can’t understand China. Next to go could be that the American Chinese, Isabel Ge Mahe, appointed as Apple’s managing director of Greater China. IMHO, only overseas Chinese from Taiwan truly understand China.

Exactly. All I know she spent a lot of money messing with the format, putting some trees inside Apple Retail stores.

Btw, I notice Dierdre O’Brien had taken over all the ex-female VP appointments. First is VP(People) - was a woman. Now, SVP(Retail) - also a woman. These two appointments are meant for women only? Dierdre was a VP (Ops) if I recalled correctly, now SVP (Retail + People).


i don’t know what she has done all these years actually. But she’s stylish for sure.


Is that Ms. O’Brien? She looks like a man…


Why the Change in Apple Retail Leadership?

She had been running luxury clothing company Burberry and brought a high-end approach to Apple retail operations. Her focus was on remodelling stores to make them look more stylish, rather than opening additional locations. This included a move away from the Genius Bar to more casual service centers, which reached a pinnacle with the greenery-filled Genius Grove at the company’s flagship San Francisco store. As Reuters reports, this strategy has led to some customer service complaints.

Bloomberg notes that Ahrendts was also opposed to discounting products — something that luxury goods makers simply don’t do.

She did the same thing that Ron, ex-SVP (retail), at JCP and have the same outcome. She put Apple under the mercy of carriers and third-party resellers! I recalled Apple said more stores lead to more iPhone sales, she refused to open new stores! Percentage of sales for direct channels (Apple retail stores + online) actually drop under her leadership. Probably graduated from UCLA. Need to re-learn what is product positioning. Apple doesn’t sell a few pieces of exclusive luxury products. Annual sale of iPhone is between 50-100 million! AFAIK, Bulberry discounts their apparels too - I know because I bought some!

Here’s Apple’s Answer to iPhone Demand Problem

Apple’s iPhone Slump Is Ending. Just Look at Its Suppliers’ Stocks.

AAPL is now touching the counter-trend target (EW wave one), ensuing wave two (down wave) could be as soon as 2mrw, calling @manch to get ready his cash.


I may actually buy an apple watch now that I am old. Let’s see what the new models look like come March.


Time to consume as opposed to invest? :rofl:


Apple Gives New Retail Head Stock Grants Worth About $8 Million vs Angela Ahrendts was awarded stock grants worth about $68 million when she joined Apple in 2014… Over her five-year career at Apple, Ahrendts was paid at least $170 million, including salary, bonuses, and vested stock awards, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Deirdre is cheap labor?

Apple’s iPhone U.S. Installed Base Estimated at 189 Million




WTF??? How much did they pay Johny the chip wizard? Outrageous… :man_facepalming:


Maybe she’s fired.


See. I was right. @manch you need to give me credit. I want a free drink from you next Saturday.


Smartphone will tumble this year. Will AAPL hold?

It’s not her fault. It was the market



I wasn’t even an investor in AAPL. I wish she’s still in apple wasting you guys money. :smile: