Karma will come back and bite you in the butt because Aapl and your BA real estate are interrelated.


I put up some much content :sweat: and you didn’t read them :sob:
I recalled Apple said that sale of iPhones increases with number of stores open in China. Instead of focusing on rolling out more stores, she wasted money re-modeling stores into town centers where people just hang around, in fact store sales as a percentage of overall sales dropped! dropped! dropped! under her “leadership”. That is to say, the bulk of the sales are still through carriers… yes, carriers… what did carriers in China did? Before the arrest of Huawei CFO, carriers subsidized Chinese handsets, not iPhone. After the arrest of Huawei CFO, carriers … you know what they did. She let Apple’s balls be hanged by China carriers, just to be crude about it.


She is the worse thing ever. She needs to hand back all her aapl shares, fined $100 million for her gross oversight, and kowtow to all shareholders to beg for forgiveness.


WB said buy at 30% margin of safety after determination is a rock solid company. Not blindly! You have not followed this rule. Also 30% from intrinsic value not current market price. Say, if you think intrinsic value of AAPL is $200, 30% off is $140, it did drop to $142 :slight_smile:


How come none of you followed WB to buy oracle?



Why invest in Oracle when the founder of Oracle himself invests into Tesla.


Biggest playboy in the valley investing in a budding playboy from LA?

Maybe they should invite Dick Pic Bozos to the party.


They don’t share the same interest. Elon/ Larry likes the hot young things. Bozos go for experience.


@manch also likes experience I think… keep your Amzn don’t sell.



Apple Inc.’s Chinese smartphone shipments plummeted an estimated 20 percent in 2018’s final quarter, underscoring the scale of the iPhone maker’s retreat in the world’s largest mobile device arena against local rivals like Huawei Technologies Co.

The domestic market contracted 9.7 percent in the quarter, but Apple declined at about twice that pace, research firm IDC said in a report on Monday. A slowing economy, lengthening replacement times and the iPhone’s hefty price tag contributed to the U.S. giant’s decline, it said. Xiaomi Corp. fared even worse in the final months of last year, when shipments plunged almost 35 percent, the consultancy estimates.


I don’t why you always knock playboys. Why strive to be rich if you can’t enjoy yourself? Obviously the drive to be successful is related to a strong sex drive.


Not necessarily. Do you think Hillary Clinton has a strong sex drive?


Bezos is 55 years old. Too old to fool around. Bill Gates is an overachiever too. Not a playboy.


Bill Gates is not a playboy because he’s too ugly to be one.


You think Bozos’ gold digger mistress Ms. Silicone is after Bozos’ good looks?


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder… :rofl:



You are absolutely right! :rofl:


I know people that knew him when Gates was young. A total perv that went to S and M parties.
Millienials are a bunch of prudes. But boomers in tech were wild. SV used to be a wild party place 30-40 years ago. Sorry you guys missed it.