Afraid to buy home but won’t sell stocks whatever happens


Evidences? Show us your brokerage statement and a list of properties you owned.


Sharing is daring.


Which advice? Married or have kids?


I agree, wuqijun please note…


Marrying for tax purposes :slight_smile:


privacy. come on…


It is not that easy, buyer agent can screw up the life of Listing agent legal challenges…


No. Not a concern at all.


I have concern, that is why I am not sharing the home details…


manch says sharing is daring. So who shall I listen to? You or manch?


some of that is public info, i don’t think @wuqijun is using trust/llc for any of that. you can do your own research - if you know his full name, that is.


Why bother? I’m already the most daring person here, because I shared more than anybody. @hanera is a distant second with no chance of dethroning me. Everybody else is chicken little who’s afraid of even sharing their gender.


I am :chicken: and I am proud of it. :smile:


I think we know genders, mostly.

Sharing is good here an there (as a case study, like i bought this house, here’s the rehab cost, here’s final price), but asking for financial statements is ridiculous


You’re funny. He told me long ago :rofl: and in fact have shown me the whereabout of most of them. You believe what I wrote face value :joy:


You mean you are 25? :stuck_out_tongue:


What??? That’s my age!!!


Me too…


Wrong. You google it, you will get it 0.000002 secs. You can trace his complete history…if you try little more.

He is also daring person !


“never believe everything you see on internet”… so true.