Agree With That $75K Income Threshold For Max Happiness?

Despite the complaints, the Golden State ranks high…

Sounds like most of us need new lower paying jobs to be more happy…

The least happy people live in the Old South…maybe location is more important than income…

I suspect the extreme weather conditions there may play a part in it. Geez, it not for tornadoes you have flooding and hurricanes going on every year. Yes, we have the earthquake potential. I still would not live there for free…

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The weather of Minnesota and North Dakota must be very pleasant. :slight_smile:

My mom was from Arkansas a total shithole…Much improved by the Clintons…lol…still a third world place with a couple of Walton billionaires.

Sunlight makes people happy. Vitamin D enhances mood and decreases depression.

Then Minnesota and North Dakota must have lots of sunlight… :slight_smile:

Maybe there, the money and freedom makes them happy.

Just saying that in CA, the sunlight can make you happy despite being financially screwed.

People are willing to pay a high price to live in paradise. .Lots of people in Tahoe living in camp grounds…no housing available. .Why do you think there are so many homeless in SF…they rather live on the street than in a house in Arkansas. .look at typical housing in Hawaii. …expensive and substandard. .

It’s not a true threshold, but there are diminishing returns. I know I’m not significantly more happy now than when I made $75k… I don’t spend all of the surplus, but making more does allow me to retire early with a $75k lifestyle. If I work 30 more years, I could retire with $200k lifestyle, but I don’t think that would make me significantly happier.

That’s probably about right in lower cost cities.

I will be happy with a 75K income per head.


I will be happy with 75k per finger

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