Ah Ha! This Explains Why Manch Was In Denny's

just doing his due dilegence before plucking down his millions on some shares, eh , Manch?


Maybe I should start my own chain and bring it public… :slight_smile:

named the restaurant, man munch

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Great name!!

Now my secret ambition is open a Hooter’s franchise. I suspect my wife will divorce me first… :smile:

In Singapore, there are many high tea places, usually run by hotels. Wonder why there are none in Bay Area. Any reasons?

Many styles, British (cake, earl grey), Chinese (chicken wings, siew-mai, baos), Malay (nonya cake, chengdu)

sfdragonfly - Should you able to persuade your wife to start a high tea restaurant, count me in as an investor. Other times, sell milk tea :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure I will open a milk tea joint, maybe next year? There are some high tea places in SF, none in South Bay to the best of my knowledge.

Perfect, sfdragonfly, you and me should get together to discuss.

Hey, my wife and I have gone there (to catch a game or just have a fun snack)…food is actually ok (bar food). So, your motives could be pure…kinda like how we used to buy Playboy for the insightful interviews…yeah yeah that’s the ticket…

Man go for Esquire.

Well, considering how the magazine has apparently watered itself way down, I mind as well read that. Shoot, The Economist might be more erotic…

The girl is way into cooking now and she is getting big time compliments from her friends who regularly eat her food and from some Facebook foodie group members(?) who see her dishes online. I suspect the males are chiming in cuz she’s cute that’s all. I told her if I joined that FB forum (gasp) and put my mug on there NO ONE is going to compliment me on HER dishes. I promise you. She simply doesn’t get it that the near perfect cut diamond she sports everyday to work that is on her wedding finger faithfully does not stop guys from trying anyway. Guys are dogs (sorry to say) gentlemen…

If Manch keeps eating Dennys omletes he won’t live long enough to enjoy his investments .The philly cheese omelet is a heart attack on a plate …1200 calories and 2300 grams of sodium

Hmm… I usually have the lumberjack breakfast. So the omelet is already a step down for me. :smile:

God, Manch, do they all greet you “Manch!” when you step through those golden arches??? God, how often do you go there? Your sheep is concerned for your health…really

Don’t worry mate. I only have Denny’s cravings about once a month. I am still a cheap guy, so even Denny’s is expensive for me… Now let me tell you about my McDonald’s eating habit… :smiley:

Exhibit A: Ladies and Gentlemen


(By no means, is this submission an approval of said results from study, I am just throwing it out there as it is reality apparently.)

Filoli does tea once a month. Apparently always fills up.

There is (or was) a tea place near the Menlo Park Caltrain. Expensive, and just ok but lacked the “high tea” ambiance.

Otherwise the tea places I’ve seen that aren’t coffee shop style are very Berkeley studentish.

I agree that a nice tea place would be good–provided they know something about the tea. I learned a lesson regarding “tea-time” once when I was offered some tea and I asked “What kind of tea is it?” The man said “Hot tea.” I said “Uhm… what kind–Assam, Darjeeling, Green tea?” “Liptons.” In the background I heard a woman ask “Is it Early Grey” and thought “You and I lady are from another planet here.”


Do these remind you of home? And wifey is just trying to compete with her sis back home…