Air pollution may give you dementia

Never, ever live near major roads, esp freeways.


Well OK but did they correct for other factors? Housing next to freeways is cheaper. Lower income people tend to have more bad habits (drinking, smoking, being too fat, not eating enough healthy food).
Not that I would ever live next to a freeway. Disturbed sleep from the noise, even if you think you are used to it, could also be a factor in dementia if it is chronic

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Which is worse, fluoride or air pollution? I checked my water info and this area does not fluoridate but I let the water sit out to help cut down on other additives. Anyone own fish? If the tap water is not safe for goldfish (must use drops or let sit out for a day or two) it makes you wonder how safe it is for humans. We don’t have chloramine here either, whew. Fluoride seems to cause pineal calcification but that just one layman’s opinion

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If it’s published on one of the world’s best journals I bet they did control for other factors.

That ties into the other thread on power lines. You’d need to worry about future research linking to chronic diseases.

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All depends on the concentration.

You’d be surprised. Something like 70% of published research can not be reproduced…for a multituude of reasons, not necessarily due to foul play.


Plus “publish or perish” pushes people to release their findings before they’re really ready.

Cmon people. The not reproducible research are mostly in soft fields like psychology. This is medical research we are talking about.

I am not buying houses next to freeways. :no_good_man:

That’s just not true. The Economist has published a number of stories about this. The quality of research has actually gone down over the last 10-15 years.

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