AirBnB Bans Pull Down Property Value

Hard to say but according to my neighbors at that condo they are saying prices are starting to actually move positively for once. And no, not just because of my one purchase…

Top down government controls never work as intended.
TRPA has been a disaster for Tahoe. It has stopped growth as intended. But it’s created a museum of old tired 50s 60s and 70s cabins and condos that were never intended for full time use. They are tiny with no garages and inadequate plumbing heating windows kitchens insulation.
Without TRPA they would have been torn down and replaced by modern larger homes. Meanwhile measure T is making things worse for the housing market. Now the progressive left wants a vacancy tax which will further aggravate the housing shortage and provide a windfall for outsiders and vulture investors. Amelia Nick and Scott are all short timers with outside income from WFH and are Internet warriors that have no knowledge or interest in the local history of Tahoe