AI's Investment Implications


$7T? Want to take on all chip makers?

If the Zuck will suck up electricity nearly equal to the entire output of the Hoover dam the first problem AI needs to solve is how to get it to run with less juice.
The climate crazies went nutso over the carbon footprint of bitcoin mining. That’s nothing compared to this.

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Yet another startup by ex-Apple employees. Frame.

A Xer’s action. Not a financial advice. Not an advocate for his action.

Disclosure: I did trim CRWD and PLTR. So far, they continue to moon.


“The market recognizes Nvidia as the AI king. But if Nvidia has one bad quarterly report, if they don’t overly-exceed investors’ expectations, this thing could sell off 20 or 30 percent in one after-hours session,” said Jake Dollarhide, Chief Executive Officer of Longbow Asset Management in Tulsa.

Social media is full of FUDs on NVDA. Even MeetKevin parrots in his own words…

His intrinsic value for NVDA is $550-$600.

What are the next catalysts for AI growth?
Obvious. Government AI infrastructure and edge AI hardware.

How much revenue does Tesla receive from Dojo and FSD?

AWS has nVidia GPUs.

The financial people are no different than mainstream news. They say nonsense to get people to react emotionally and build a fan base.



Social media app pays an influencer according to the number of subscribers and likes.

Danny gave a weird reason to justify monetization of his posts… start a paid patreon. Essentially follow the beaten path of once you got enough followers, milk them.
Screen Shot 2024-02-15 at 9.25.49 AM

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Text2Video app, Sora, released by OpenAI.

This chart is making the rounds on social media scaring people.


Seen it. Was lol since don’t even look the same :slight_smile:

Don’t major in liberal arts.

AI is still in the early take off stage. How can people say Nvidia has peaked? They need tons more GPU’s.

Nvidia stocks may have temporary stumbles now and then. Nothing goes up in a straight line. But fundamentally I don’t see how the world will need less of what they sell. Not in the immediate future.

The intent of those commentaries is to influence you to sell your holdings, with enough suckers selling, prices would decline then they can scoop them at cheaper price.

Generating texts like chatGPT already consumes tons of compute.

Next step: generating images will need an order of magnitude more compute.

Now we are at generating videos. Yet another order or two magnitudes more compute.

Enough business for Nvidia for the next 3+ years at least. I just wish AMD can fix its software problem soon enough to take part in the gold rush.

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Talent war:


Sell GOOG. Bad investment.

Talent most needed: LLM/ Gen AI, edge AI solution

If I am young and has those skills, I will startup a company or join a startup. Now or never. Won’t waste time working for bigTech.