AI's Investment Implications



Is beginning to dawn on manch. He is a data centric person walking on the ground, need tons of data before responding. You’ve a periscope (may be on a helicopter with a telescope) so should be able to see far, act now!


In that case, XLNX is out. XLNX is big in FGPA.

So only NVDA fits the bill… where is Citron and Andrew?


Any forgotten stocks? Market are very quick in recognizing opportunities. Btw, I know it… seem very late.



SYNA Synaptics Selected by Naver to Develop AI Products Based on AudioSmart Far-Field Voice

AMBA Computer Vision For Artificial Intelligence May Be $3 Billion Market By 2021

Much like the transition from CCTV cameras to digital IP cameras in recent years, he thinks the transition to CV cameras will happen swiftly, benefitting Ambarella (AMBA), which Cassidy thinks will lead the transition, although Nvidia (NVDA) and Intel (INTC) are also putting their feelers into this market.

Computer Vision is Artificial Intelligence


Btw, if you owned AMZN, NVDA or GOOG, you’ve already deeply invested in AI. Yes, FANG… the big players can exploit AI much better than the small guys.
INTC is late to the game, can still invest?


Wow – wrong on all four. Don’t listen to this guy.

There is no advantage of GPU over CPU for ML. Nvidia just got their first and did a good job of writing the SW and creating the ecosystem. Now everyone is hooked on Nvidia.


So can INTC fights back? How about AMD?


Sell Nvidia Corporation Stock at $204 to Lock in Profits

AI stocks are too hot now… WS is enamored about AI stocks since 2 years ago… now, any stocks vaguely related to AI is getting bought… may be not the time to be aggressive, right?


Sell when the shoe shine boy starts buying stocks
That is what Joe Kennedy did before the 1929 crash


This new article by Eddie Tam goes over his “4 Inequalities” in good details. Eddie Tam is the most tech-literate hedge fund manager I know. He knows more details than most people in tech.

Here is the Google Translated English version. I read a couple paragraphs and it’s actually not bad! Another win for AI !! :slight_smile:

Too bad there is no easy way to get into Samsung… :cry: I am thinking about buying some TSMC.


AI is definitely here, why is wuqijun not impressed? I knew about AI since college days, like 30+ years ago, current AI is very much improved. Although most jokers so called AI is fancy stats program, wuqijun is probably referring to those. However, is impossible to guess who are the biggest winners… could be my son’s yet to startup… the biggest AI companies should have market cap over $1T… market cap of biggest companies always bigger than previous gen biggest.


If it follows past tech cycles, then a new group of companies will emerge to lead. That’s how prior cycles of new tech have been. The current tech leaders won’t use the correct approach to solve the new tech problems, because they are thinking of the new tech from a reference point of their current tech.

Apple is the rarity to be a leader during PC era and smart phone era.


Not impressed because we are not there yet. It’s like trying to invest into social media before Facebook is born. You could have made the mistake of putting your money into Friendster or Myspace.


I’m expecting that too. Any prospective startups that you’ve in mind?

Unlikely to be the AI leader since SJ is not around. The current leadership are legacy :slight_smile: , other than Angela, no new blood yet.

Ok, wise guy, tell me when you feel we are there. I can wait… hopefully :smiley:


Unlike AI, EV is here and is ready. :wink:


Unfortunately, I’m Johnny come late to invest in TSLA now.


Still way too early! How many EVs do you see when you go out for a drive?


No guarantees… Tesla may not be around in 2 years
Better to bet on GM, Nissan, BMW, even Porsche
These people make great cars… let Tesla make batteries


Problem is I like Elon Musk’s ideas and drive but I think he is missing a good supply chain guru… Frankly, without Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer, I think Apple won’t be as successful as now. Design and marketing sell products but that doesn’t mean making money. Supply chain is the secret sauce that translate sale into profit.


I’m not sure. Odds are the company is still very tiny (we can’t invest in it) or hasn’t even been started yet. What’s currently out there is existing companies adapting their legacy technology to the next big thing. It’ll get the ball rolling, but it’ll need a completely different approach to really take off.

I suspect we’ll see a completely different CPU/GPU and memory design and maybe not of silicon. The magic question is who will be the first get a design that’s commercially viable.