AI's Investment Implications


Jim Cramer on Tesla,

He takes issue with Elon Musk’s promises to deliver while the company continues to burn cash.

Jim Cramer Reveals One Characteristic About Tesla’s Stock

How long can Elon Musk keeps replacing one failed promise with another promise?
Is a cult stock, no recommendation on sell or buy… do as you feel comfortable.
Tesla fans and investors love him.


Is Musk like Jobs or Tucker?..I am betting this fucker is a Tucker. …lol…Makes even Trump blush with all his lies…

Making phones is easy, making lots of cars is hard. …


Then how come Apple is more valuable than all the car makers combined? :laughing:

All ceos lie… it’s part of their job. The more they lie the bigger the success. I suppose you can say the same about politicians. :rofl:


Too many car companies… Apple has created a mystique and a brand that can easily be debunked… There is no reason that Appl is worth double than last year. Plenty of hype there…
Apple is selling a fashion accessory… like someone on the forum said. You can buy a $1000 X and the girls think you are rich… Like buying $200 Air Jordan’s… phoney hype
Hard to drive your Ferrari into the bar… Easy to flash your IPhone


“I think artificial intelligence is going to change everything, everything, 180 degrees,” said Cuban, who added that changes seen by AI would “dwarf” the advances that have been seen in technology over the last 30 years or more, even the internet.

The owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and a regular on the TV show “Shark Tank,” said AI is going to displace a lot of jobs, something that will play out fast, over the next 20 to 30 years. He said real estate is one industry that’s likely to get hit hard.

As for companies standing to benefit from AI, Cuban said he “thinks the FANG stocks are going to crush them,” noting that his biggest public holding is Inc. AMZN, +1.59%

“They’re the world’s greatest startups with liquidity. If you look at them as just a public company where you want to see what the P/E ratio is and what the discounted cash value-- you’re never going to get it, right? You’re never going to see it. And if you say Jeff Bezos (chief executive officer of Amazon), Reed Hastings (chief executive officer of Netflix Inc. NFLX, +0.35% ) — those are my 2 biggest holdings,” he said.

Cuban said he’s less sold on Apple Inc. AAPL, +2.61% though he said it’s trying to make progress on AI, along with Alphabet Inc. GOOGL, +0.67% and Facebook Inc. FB, +0.00% . “They’re just nonstop startups. They’re in a war. And you can see the market value accumulating to them because of that,” he said.

But still, they aren’t all owning AI yet, and there’s lots of opportunities for smaller companies, he added…




Haven’t read the article. Did he explain how?

Also, do you know how his net worth has progressed since he conned the VP of Yahoo! to buy his worthless ROI for billions? Is he regurgitating what blogosphere is buzzing about or he has his unique reasoning behind those statements like “AI is going to change everything”, “AI will dwarf the advances that have been seen in technology over the last 30 years…” and “thinks the FANG stocks are going to crush them”. Who is them in the last statement? AI companies or current non-AI companies? I am not doubting his statements, in fact, that is what I feel could be the truth but I have no evidences just gut feel… did he has evidences? At the same time, I also feel there could be a new crops of companies that would dominate the AI arena… I’m very confused atm.


He is full of bullshit. For one, I don’t think FANGs will be the next innovators of AI. Did Microsoft and IBM innovated social media? NO.


Dude, you need to read the material I linked. You sounded like those guys copying other kids’ homework. :smile:

Basically his reasoning is that there will be a lot fewer workers involved. So with fewer people comes less need for real estate, or real estate in less prime areas.



Why not? Robots will need a place to live. AI will turn them into real humans with emotions and humanly needs… I look forward to the day when my next door neighbor is an android… :rofl:


People miraculously died? I think it means more spread out… perhaps, the nicer places for humans become more desirable… recalled we talked about this some time ago… I am wondering what are these places? Auckland, New Zealand? Vancouver, Canada? Cupertino, USA :rofl: Has been in my mind to travel the world to scout out these places. Do you have an idea?



He is right about bitcoin though… :laughing:


I have no idea. :slight_smile:

True. But the FANG’s are still run by aggressive founders. I think they will have better chance of success than IBM and Microsoft 15 or 20 years ago.


Each generation learns from previous generation. Current crops of founder-CEO may be wiser. Time will tell. One telling clue is whether they are willing to cannibalize their own products, something like Apple replaces iPod mini with iPod nano at the peak of iPod mini.


Have you visited Hangzhou and Guilin? The problem is China doesn’t have freehold property for sale.


I visited HZ too long ago, before it was transformed by Alibaba. Problem with RE in China is that rental yield is super, super low. Think 1% low. Renters have different rights than owners in China. How? In many cities renters’ kids can’t go to the public school across the street but owners can. So even if your apartment is in super hot school districts you can’t fetch good rent.

It’s a different ball game. To do well in Chinese RE market you can’t count on cash flow at all. It’s like you buy there and just park your money, waiting for value to go up.


Sidebar: I read in some random article Alibaba pays engineers 16 months of salary per year. An average engineer can make 50k USD. That’s super good pay in China.

Some rumor says Tencent paid the dev team of their super hot mobile game 10 years of salary as bonus.

Chinese tech companies are even more aggressive than American.


He said for those investors not too knowledgeable about markets, the best bet is a cheap S&P 500 SPX, +0.31% fund

Glad that he holds similar view. That should be majority of us. Stock picking is for those who have time and interest.

Nowadays, FANG actually means FAANG :slight_smile: FAANG should be the right place for next 10 years. But pretty sure there are better ROI ones around, just far more risky :rofl: