AI's Investment Implications

70% of people quit. Including that Ilya guy who allegedly started it all.

And he’s sorry:

OpenAI is officially over. From hottest startup on earth to nothing in a weekend.


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Hot damn! Spoke too soon. It’s not over yet!

Update: 90% of people quit. So the board either reinstates Sam or there will no longer be OpenAI.

Zuck’s AI chief is openly poaching talents here.

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I will call employees bluff. Quitting means forfeiting unassigned RSUs.

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Satya has cash. Lots of it.

Seems everyone is trying to poach talents now. Benioff will match any offer.

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The company’s charter bluntly states that OpenAI’s “primary fiduciary duty is to humanity,” not to investors or even employees.

It was founded in 2015 as a nonprofit dedicated to the creation of artificial general intelligence, or AGI, that should benefit “humanity as a whole.”


It appears Microsoft would start a subsidiary for all the ex-OpenAI folks. I wonder if their equity would be MSFT, subsidiary, or a mix.

Alphabet does equity in subsidiaries. It helps attract talent that wants a chance at a startup exit. I think so far all of those people would have been better off with Google equity…

Sam Altman back!

Why the F is Larry Summers on the board?? So random. Guy is not even in tech?

That Quora guy is garbage. Glad that crazy Georgetown professor is out.

The board has no chance against a guy named after a debugger!

The whole point of a board is to make it diverse with people from different industries and functional areas. Also, if it was all tech people, then it’d be near impossible to avoid conflicts of interest.

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Since @manch didn’t understand PLTR, we can conclude that he doesn’t understand AI. :robot:


Larry Summers, a renowned economist and former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, has shared insights on artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on various sectors. His views largely focus on the economic and societal implications of AI. Key aspects include:…

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Can you explain to us so we can all learn? What is PLTR’s contribution to AI?



Answer many times already. You can search this forum or watch Amit/tsy videos or read up Antonio Linares blogs or just search the web. Since you don’t understand PLTR, and don’t understand AI, not sure how it helps :wink:

Palantir (NYSE: PLTR) has been laser-focused on artificial intelligence (AI) since the company’s founding. As a result, its AI tools are ahead of many others in its industry, which is why Palantir was ranked No. 1 in a survey of AI, data science, and machine learning platforms by Dresner Advisory Services.

If you need someone else’s long video to answer a simple question, I don’t think you really understand it. Just boil things down into a simple sentence. Use a few more sentences if you really need to elaborate.

What is OpenAI’s contribution to AI? Simple. They build the world’s best-performing LLM.

What is Nvidia’s contribution to AI? Also simple. They build the GPU’s that everyone uses to train their AI models.

So what exactly is PLTR’s contribution to AI?